This is a letter for all of us

11-02-2019 21:02

I want you to know this, my dear. Love, as Molière once said, is not governed by reason. It happens and it blossoms and it takes over your mind and soul and there is no way to avoid it. You can’t control this.

But you can control how to let it go. How to walk away and don’t let pain overflow and put you down. Sometimes all we need is a bit of distraction. Some sort of different dimension to dance for a while and be back to reality. I guess this is the way of life telling us to keep on going, even when we are too tired to believe in it.

You can read the signs and yet, life will do what it has to do. You can try to run, but this will catch you. And it is ok. Because in order to make it right, we have to be wrong. In order to know, we have to feel.

Open your heart. Do something unexpected. Go somewhere you have never been before with someone you barely know, but has something to show you.

Every experience is valid.

Every kiss is worth it.

Go on dancing on empty streets.

Smile to strangers. Sink in and get drunk with that perfume.


And let it go.


No tears. No pain. No distress.

Just gratitude for the hours dancing in the horizon.