Former president George H.W. Bush laid to rest in Texas

07-12-2018 04:12

George Herbert Walker Bush was laid to rest Thursday, October 6, 2011 at the end of the Texas, where he arrived 70 years ago as a young New Englander looking to make a new life and ended up with the pinnacle of American political power.

After a formal funeral in Washington on Thursday, the 41st president's body was taken from a college presidential library in College Station, where he was buried on a cool and rainy afternoon.

Texans turned out all along the 70-mile route through the towns of Spring, Pinehurst, Magnolia and Navasota, paying tribute to Bush, whose flag-draped casket was borne in a glass-sided train car pulled by Union Pacific locomotives 4141, painted in the baby-blue and white of the Air Force One.

For nearly three hours, crowded waved U.S. and Texas flags, placed their hands on their hearts, saluted and took photographs, while firetrucks hoisted large flags on bridges over the tracks.