For The Record: Juice WRLD Album Review & Schoolgirl Q Drops "Numb Numb Juice"

15-03-2019 22:03

"I never want people to associate Juice WRLD with any Jay-Z or Biggie project."

The second Juice WRLD album, Death Race for Love, continues with the emo rap sound that made him a rising star. Rob Markman, responsible for relations with the artists of Genius, hosted a panel on the last episode of For the record to discuss the album and discuss topics such as Yelawolf's explosive "Bloody Sunday Freestyle" and the return of ScHoolboy Q with "Numb Numb Juice", he was joined by a cultural critic Jameer Pond, cohost of Podcast of the black girl Gia Peppers, is Rolling Stone staff writer Charles Holmes.

"It can flow, I think there's a big pop punk album in this, and a terrible rap album," said Holmes Death Race for Love. "I like some of the lyrics, you don't have anyone in the studio. It's like having everything freestyle, I'm like the brother. I can say you did a freestyle with this shit. But it's the biggest rock star on the planet, I wish you would stop rapping . "

Peppers said Yelawolf's dissel track was clearly a maneuver to attract attention. "He's a good rapper, I mean he's Eminem's son and Eminem will never sign anyone," he said. "But I think the troll is so obvious, it's too obvious. You're like, & # 39; Aha, all the white rappers, I'm coming for you … & # 39;"

According to Pond, "Numb Numb Juice" was a welcome return from ScHoolboy. "I liked the song. This is Q. I feel like I'm more excited," he said. "When you say he wasn't in the mood when Mac Miller passed, he feels ready. He needs his Grammy, because [Jay] Rock got a Grammy now. "

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