“You vs. Wild “: It's just great to watch Bear Grylls puke

16-05-2019 09:05

Media & TV “You vs. Wild”

It's just great to watch Bear Grylls puke

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Interactive Netflix Series “You vs. the Wild”

For the series “You vs. the Wild – You vs. Nature “Netflix sends the survivalist Bear Grylls into relentless nature. Whether he comes out of the dangerous situations, decides the spectator.

Does a carved spear help an attacking wolf? In the interactive Netflix series “You vs.. Wild “you can give Survival artist Bear Grylls advice. Does urine belong to drinking?

BEar Grylls is best known for drinking his own urine. In his survival show “Man vs. Wild, “he spent years showing how to survive in the wild by using resources sparingly and making the right decisions. Just drink urine sometimes.

In his new show, the audience now makes the decisions and guides the adventurer through his missions. Following the success of the “Black Mirror” episode “Bandersnatch,” Netflix continues to experiment with interactive formats, this time for kids. Again and again, the audience in “You vs.. Wild “for Bear Grylls Making Important Decisions: Crossing the Jungle or Along the River? Fight with the crocodile or the boa? Would you like to eat a piece of bark or a worm? Spoiler: The worm is poisonous, it's the wrong decision.

Wild animals and a deadly climate are apparently no longer enough for the aging survival expert, which is why he takes the greatest risk and places his fate in the hands of his audience. Maybe Bear Grylls spent too much time in the wild to know that the most dangerous animal is human. And that no one is as cruel as children who get some power, knows anyone who has ever played “The Sims”. I can not lock Bear Grylls in a pool and drown, but maybe he'll be eaten. It's pretty clear this is going to be a Bear Grylls annihilation show.

You vs. Wild, Netflix

At the fire in the cave: Bear Grylls

Source: Netflix

After Bear Grylls jumped out of a helicopter and swam ashore, I let him climb over the dangerous cliffs. He makes the strenuous climb, but now needs energy again. Fortunately, he knows his way around and quickly finds “edible”. I may now decide whether to eat a flower or rather a raw egg from a nest. Actually, it is always clear which decision is the right one. But it is always the boring, so I let him eat the egg! He eats it with peel, a short time later he gets sick and he has to be picked up by the helicopter. A first setback that makes you want more. Back to the last memory point, this time he eats the flower and survives.

The mountains in which he rambles call Bear Gryll's Land of Dragons. Where exactly this country is, he does not say. A quick Google search shows he's in Wales. How convenient, Bear Grylls lives there too. And that's exactly what the series feels like: Bear Grylls jogs through his garden, falls into the extra pond, climbs his scaffolding and plays adventures. He makes the world as he pleases. That would be a dangerous abyss now, and that would probably be deadly quicksand.

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Next he has to protect himself from the surely deadly windup. He could protect himself in a cave where wolves could be. Could not you. For almost 400 years no more, wolves have died out in the UK. So I decide with a clear conscience for the cave and laugh only when he discovers alleged wolf tracks. At the next corner, however, I notice that my smart-wits in Bear Gryll's garden do not help me. I may steer him, but this is his fantasy world.

And in this scenario, a real wolf is waiting for me there. A little though, but clearly a wolf. No idea where he came from, but he is well trained and chases after us. Fortunately, Bear Grylls is a fast sprinter and can barely escape. A short time later, the wolf reappears, this time I have the choice of fighting or fleeing. What a question! Everyone wants to see Bear Grylls try to fend off an attacking wolf with a carved spear! Spoiler: Grylls wins of course, he is indestructible.

Also in the next episode is until the end completely unclear where Bear Grylls is located. But that does not matter, because “You vs.. Wild “plays – like any video game – in an undefined fantasy region. Important is the type of vegetation: jungles, mountains, snowy landscape, these are all just generic backdrops for Bear Gryll's somersaults. In this scenery, there are wolves, maybe even dragons? For the next season a few suggestions: Bear Grylls in Brandenburg, where he can fight against real wolves. Bear Grylls in Taka Tuka country, on the moon, in front of the green screen. It does not matter where Bear Grylls is, it's just great to watch him puke.

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