The man who impaled and killed three children released from prison

12-06-2019 05:06

The triple murderer of children David McGreavy, nicknamed the Worcester monster who impaled the children on the railings, was released from prison despite the fact that the mother of his victims believed that "he would never go free".

Elsie Urry, the mother of three children killed in their homes, says she was told today that McGreavy is now free from prison, The sun relationships.

McGreavy, 67, beat Samantha Urry, 9 months, to death, strangled her 4-year-old brother Paul, and slit Sister Dawn's throat, 2, in 1973.

He mutilated their bodies with a pickaxe before impaling them on a neighbor's spiked parapets.

McGreavy was authorized for release from the council on the word last December after three members said they were no longer a "significant risk".

Last year, Ms. Urry, 68, said: "I was told that he would never be free," but he told the BBC was informed of the release of McGreavy today by a support operator.

He said: "All he told me was that he was released, he has a tag and he must obey with certain rules they gave him.

"Apart from that, I really don't know."

Ms. Urry spoke from the front door of her bungalow in Andover, Hants, adding, "I'm thrilled. I was at work when I heard the news – I got so angry I had to go home.

"He should have been there all his life – he took three lives – he should have stayed for 60 years".


Ms. Urry said she was angry with the probation committee and wanted to be able to tell them what she thought before making a decision.

He added: "If one of them went through what I went through – do you think it would have happened?"

He explained that his family members were launching online petitions and posting online against the committee's decision on the word.

Ms Urry compared the decision of the probation committee to release McGreavy to bring back the murderer of Mori Ian Brady in the streets.

He said: "What this animal did to my children was just as bad as what the murderers of the Moors did.

"But Ian Brady and Myra Hindley never left prison before dying, so why the hell should he (McGreavy)?

"He put my children on thorns for the sake of God – he mutilated them, and they died in agony.

"I wanted him dead and I suffered like them but he was reassured after his trial that his crime was so terrible that he would never be free again."


The former sailor McGreavy, then twenty-one, was a tenant in the Worcester house of the bartender Elsie and her husband Clive Ralph. He babysat them for over two years without incident.

But on Friday, April 13, 1973, he went mad when Samantha started crying and fractured her skull.

Then he used a thread to strangle Paul and cut Dawn's throat. After mutilating the bodies he impaled them on railings.

McGreavy was imprisoned for life for a minimum of 20 years after a trial that lasted only eight minutes because he pleaded guilty and did not claim diminished responsibility.

He was admitted to conditional release for 25 years, but any previous application was rejected. The last refusal was in 2016.

The group claimed to have found that McGreavy had "developed self-control" and had "full responsibility" for his crimes. He also claimed to have "a considerable understanding of the problems he has had and what caused them".

The panel was shown a declaration of the victim's impact by Ms Urry.

Worcester Conservative MP Robin Walker, who has repeatedly written to justice ministers and home secretaries who opposed McGreavy's release, said: "Frankly, I don't think anyone who committed such crimes should ever be released." .

A spokesman for the council for freedom said: "We confirm that a group of committee members for the words has directed the release of David McGreavy following an oral hearing in November 2018.

"Verbal commission decisions focus solely on the fact that a prisoner can pose a significant risk to the public after release. The group will have carefully examined a whole series of tests, including details of the original evidence and any evidence of change in behavior .

"We do it with great care, and public safety is our number one priority."

Previously, McGreavy gagged the press by revealing his identity as he struggled to be transferred to an open prison. In 2013, he claimed that his human rights would be violated and that his life would be jeopardized if his battle with the word commission was made public.

The High Court revoked the order after The Sun launched a challenge backed by then-Secretary of Justice Chris Grayling.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: "We understand that this will be extremely painful for the family of victims of David McGreavy, and our thoughts remain with them.

"Like all prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by the independent probation commission, David McGreavy will be on leave for the rest of his life and subject to strict conditions – and will face a return to prison if he does not comply."

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