Is there a relationship between the Avengers game with Spider-Man PS4?

13-06-2019 10:06

Avengers E3 2019 Atomix

Fans of wonder have asked if the game of Spider-Man of PlayStation 4 takes place in the same universe as the newly revealed game of Avengers. Something like it's the equivalent of Marvel Cinematic Universe but in video games. The creative director of Marvel games He talked about it.

Bill Rosemann, creative director of Marvel Games, participated in a panel on the game of Avengers in E3 2019. One of the questions that cannot be overlooked concerns the relationship between the two games of the company. When questioned on the issue, Rosemann he just laughed and commented on the following:

"If I say something about this, the roof would fall on my head."

Although not a clear answer, it makes us understand that it could be a clue that there is a connection between both games. After all, in the game of Spider-Man The Avengers tower in Manhattan is present. But the complicated of the situation could be due to the fact that the Spiderman game is exclusive PlayStation 4, while the new game of Avengers It will be cross-platform.

It would be nice to have a Marvel universe in video games, but being developed by different studios that have different license agreements, it could be more complicated than we imagined. It will be until we can play next April, when we will find out if there is a relationship between both games or if there will only be references.

Have a look at the trailer for the revelation of Marvel's Avengers was presented at the conference Square Enix.


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