Convention, Buy Buy Baby, Early Birthday

11-02-2019 19:02

Last week was a very busy week. Half the time I didn’t even know what day it was or what time it was until I looked at my phone. For work it was our Annual Convention from Wednesday till Friday evening. We do a lot of planning into our Convention for our members. We basically get the ball rolling in October…early October.

Friday was our biggest day of all. We had a great speaker by the name of Ken Paulsen who was engaging and got audience to participate. He even gave me a history lesson..which I failed..I guess I never really paid attention in high school. But a part of the trivia had to do with the Beatles.

It was a very busy day but the Convention went over very smooth!

Saturday morning was just like any other Saturday morning. I brewed a pot of coffee, showered, got ready, drank my coffee and chilled with Eli.

After I finished getting ready, I went and met up with my sister at her hotel so we could go and register her at Buy Buy Baby. How cute does she look!?

After a fun filled shopping day with just my sister, Kane and I went out to dinner with her at Zombie Burger. She loves their milkshakes and plus Kane had never been there before.

unnamed (4)

It was pretty sad saying goodbye to her that evening because I wasn’t sure when I would see her again before her baby shower. I had a lot of fun just spending the day with her and not having the guys around (sorry, Kane and Nolan). It has been awhile since Sam and I got to spend some quality time together. I wish it didn’t have to end. They ended up leaving early Sunday morning because it was already snowing and they had to get back home before it got any worse.

Sunday morning came, and like I said before, it was snowing. That didn’t stop Kane and I going to church. The message that morning was pretty powerful and it did take a toll on some of the congregation. Still a very powerful and great message.

unnamed (5)

After church, Kane and I went over to his brother and sister in-law’s house to watch The Greatest Showman (didn’t even get half way into it..couldn’t focus on it), played games and had an early birthday celebration for me!

I seriously have the greatest people in my life to help me celebrate my birthday early. I also received a bad cat calendar for my desk at work. I love it. I love the company of having people around me to help me celebrate a special day. I just love their company in general.

My Sunday evening ended with meal prepping for the week, cleaning up, decompressing from the week and weekend and laying on the couch with Kane while watching the TV show, I’m Sorry. If you haven’t seen I’m Sorry, check it out on Netflix. It’s quirky and funny. Perfect TV show for Kane and I to watch together.

Overall, my week was busy, relaxing, enjoyable and another one to put in the books.