Cerezo, disappointed with Griezmann

16-05-2019 07:05

The president of Atlético de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo, showed his sadness today in statements to Fox Sports after Antoine Griezmann has decided to leave Atlético de Madrid at the end of this season.

"More than angry I am disappointed. I think Antoine had a great future at Atlético, with great titles and great championships. The problem is that each person thinks differently. We respect your decision myself and all athletes. We wish you all the luck in the world. Some will leave and others will come. I do not have the lightest where to play, ask him. The player will go where he wants, "Cerezo explained to Fox Sports with desolation.

Also, the mattress leader acknowledged that "This has been a surprise. It is a disappointment If I had been his counselor I would have told him to continue here. Life is free and everyone does what they consider appropriate, "he said.

One of the many names that sound like a replacement for Griezmann is Mauro Icardi, about whom Cerezo avoided pronouncing himself: "Icardi? At this moment we are not here to think ".