Conservatives vote May successor: British Tory MPs vote on new party leadership – politics

13-06-2019 05:06

In the race for the succession of Theresa May as party leader of the British Conservatives and Prime Minister, the deputies of the Tory faction vote for the first time this Thursday.

Ten applicants have thrown their hat in the ring. The favorite is former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and Interior Minister Sajid Javid also have good chances. Environment Minister Michael Gove had to accept a damper after confessions over previous drug use.

In the first round of voting on Thursday, all candidates who can unite less than 17 MPs are eliminated. The ballots will be accepted between 11 and 13 o'clock. A result is expected shortly afterwards. The vote is secret, so even surprises are not excluded.

Wackel candidates include former Labor Secretary Esther McVey, Development Minister Rory Stewart, Mark Harper and former Parliamentary Affairs Minister Andrea Leadsom. Ex-Brexit Minister Dominic Raab and Minister of Health Matt Hancock are likely to make progress, but they are hardly expected to do more.

Further screened on Monday, when 33 proponents are needed to progress. By the end of next week, the number of candidates will then be reduced to two, which should be in a runoff election to the approximately 160 000 party members. Who becomes new Tory party leader and thus Prime Minister, should be in the week from 22 July.

Johnson wants to renegotiate the agreement on the EU exit. He announced this on Wednesday in London in a speech to kick off his campaign.

A "better deal" is possible, Johnson said. He does not want to leave without an agreement, but the country must prepare to increase the pressure on the negotiating partners in Brussels. "It's important to be robust, purposeful and decisive," says Johnson. In addition, the withdrawal period on 31 October must be respected in any case.

Brussels has already made it clear several times that there can be no renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement. Only on Tuesday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker repeated this position. The contract must be respected, whoever the next British Prime Minister will be, Juncker said in an interview with the Politico portal.

May had failed three times in parliament with the deal on leaving the EU, and as a consequence had resigned from her post as party leader last week. Actually, the EU's exit from the country should have already taken place on 29 March, twice he had to be postponed. The British spoke in June 2016 in a historic referendum with a narrow majority for the Brexit. (AP)