My Summer Reading Plan

07-06-2019 20:06

During the humid summer, after school has been dismissed, I was assigned to pick out eight personal finance books to read during this time. This way I could be productive, but still able to have plenty of time for an enjoyable vacation. If I don’t read books that pertain to what I have learned during the cool fall, the freezing winter, and rainy spring, then I will more than likely forget everything that I had learned during those seasons in the summer, which would be devastating for me as I go into high-school.

The books that I have picked out teach me more about personal finances and economics, and even though some of them may not be for my particular age group, I’m sure that I will find them an interesting read. I have also included books that are on history combined with economics, which provides me with of variety and a break from the normal economics books. Here is the list of the books I have picked and the price they are going for:

  1. Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt, Henry. The price for the book is about 15 dollars and can be purchased here:
  2. End the Fed by Ron Paul. The Price for this book is also about 15 dollars and can be purchased here:
  3. Lessons for the Young Economist and along with this text book is the teachers manual Lessons for the Young Economist Teacher’s Manual by Murphy, Robert. P. These books combined cost about 44 dollars and can be purchased here:,
  4. Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal  by Murphy, Robert. P. The cost of this book is about 19 dollars and can be found here:
  5. America’s Great Depression by Rothbard, Murray. N. The book is about 15 dollars and can be purchased here:
  6. Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government by Dilorenzo, Thomas J. Is about 10 dollars and can be found here:
  7. How Capitalism Saved America by Dilorenzo, Thomas J. The book cost about 15 dollars and can be found or purchased here:
  8. The Law by Bastiat, Frederic. Is about five dollars and can be purchased, found, and looked at here:

These personal finance and economic books combined will allow me to be prepared as I enter into high-school. Not only will these reads provide me with great information and knowledge, but also prepare for reading difficult books in the future. In conclusion I have an extremely long reading assignment zooming out ahead me.

Personal Finances lesson 175, 8th grade essay.