Wide Receiver Cole Beasley says he picked bills over patriots

16-03-2019 00:03

Brett Davis / USA TODAY Sports

Wide Receiver Cole Beasley says he picked bills over patriots

Slot Receiver Cole Beasley has done the unthinkable this week: he has chosen the Buffalo Bills over the New England Patriots.

Given her obvious passporting preferences, New England's interest in Beasley should not be a shock.

Beasley is a 5-foot-8 receiver and comes from a 2018 season in which he collected 672 yards and three touchdowns at 65 points for the Cowboys as the team's most targeted recipient. Beasley is also not too far from a 2016 career, as he scored a total of 75 catches and five touchdowns on his way to a 833-yard season with the Cowboys.

Of course, the nearly $ 30 million Beasley had given Bills for a four-year deal helped in his decision. But for the 29-year-old Beasley, the decision to go to Buffalo against New England (or stay in Dallas) came to the conclusion that he would have more chances when second-year professional Josh Allen gave him the ball throws go-to, reliable destination.

"Everyone makes a lot of money," Beasley said during his introductory press conference in Buffalo. "I mean, money is important, but I just wanted opportunities, I felt I could do more [in Buffalo], "

Given the Patriots' failure to prosecute Adam Humphries and Golden Tate to New York, Beasley could have had the opportunity to step into a patriot offense led by Tom Brady.

Beasley learned about his decision via Twitter and announced that he was not afraid of potential mistakes he made while choosing the bills over the rest of the field.

Nevertheless, Beasley is good for Buffalo's fourth win against the Patriots since December 2003.