Protests of the rebellion against the downfall: The police removes climate activists from the occupied places and assigns them to the Marble Arch

15-04-2019 22:04

The police have begun to remove protesters from the occupied areas in London after being asked to conduct the demonstration in the Marble Arch or not at all.

Scotland Yard has imposed a condition on the Extinction Rebellion Movement, calling on stakeholders to restrict their actions.

"To enforce this condition, the Met required evidence that the communities in London were causing serious disruption," a troop statement said.

The Marble Arch restriction was considered "necessary to prevent the demonstrations from constantly disturbing the community".

Pictures showed that some demonstrators were lifted from the Waterloo Bridge by Met police officers.

The troupe was unable to confirm details of arrests of the standard.

This happened after the group announced that it would continue its action indefinitely until the government met its demands.

Protesters were invited to go to the Marble Arch

Extinction Rebellion blocked roads and bridges over London on the first day of the "International Rebellion".

"We try to stay as long as possible," said a spokeswoman for the group compared to the standard.

"There are people who are ready to get arrested."

People are physically removed

Those who are willing to be arrested for their purposes were advised by the group on how to act in case of imprisonment.

They also understand the potential for filing criminal charges against them, the spokeswoman said.

Three men and two women were previously arrested at Shell Headquarters on suspicion of assault in Lambeth.

London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch are among the thousands of protesters.

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