a Florida resident killed by his cassowary

16-04-2019 04:04

Attacked Friday by one of his birds after a fall, the septuagenarian died in the hospital.

A resident of the US state of Florida, who raised a cassowary on his property, was killed by his big bird, local media reported.

Marvin Hajos, 75, held various exotic animals in the compound of his house in Alachua County, WCJB reported Sunday. He was on Friday near his birds when he accidentally fell. One of his two cassowaries then attacked him, inflicting a mortal wound. Supported by relief, the septuagenarian died in hospital.

A bird with sharp claws. Bird runner close ostrich or emu, the cassowary is considered to be "the most dangerous bird in the world" by the San Diego Zoo.

The biped, native of New Guinea, is indeed endowed with long sharp claws and can jump up to two meters high. The female can reach 76 kilos, the male 55. The cassowary manages to reach 50 km / h in top speed.