He commits suicide of "Breaking Bad" and "Thor"

15-05-2019 19:05

"I have not been a good man", this is one of the shocking phrases of the actor Isaac Kappy written in a letter to say goodbye to their families after making the decision to take his own life.

The American interpreter, known for his supporting role in Breaking Bad and for his appearance in films like Thor and Terminator: Salvation, committed suicide on Sunday at age 42.

The actor decided to jump from a bridge in Arizona, according to the spokesman of the Department of Public Security of Arizona, Bart Graves, in a report accessed by People magazine.

"On May 13, 2019, at 07:26, we received a call from Interstate 40, eastbound on Transwestern Road (mile 185), by an individual who pulled himself from the bridge on the Transwestern Highway to the Interstate 40, "the statement said.

"Later, the individual was hit by a car. The man has been identified as Isaac Kappy, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He died on the spot, "the report explained.

According to the specialized US news portal, TMZ, several bystanders tried to contain the actor seconds before it was launched, without success. The state authorities closed the investigation, after confirming that it was a suicide.

Hours earlier, on his Instagram account, he had published a long letter in which he confessed to reflecting on his character and attitude.

Your farewell letter

"During the past week, through an introspection that should have happened many years ago, I have begun to have revelations about my personality. I confess from my arrogance that these revelations had not arrived before. You see, I thought I was a good person. I have not been a good man. Actually I have been a bad person all my life, "the document reads.

He said he had used his acquaintances to get money. He revealed that he had sold drugs and that he had betrayed people who loved him. In addition, he said, the excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics had destroyed his body.

"These lessons have come late for me, but maybe they can inspire you. I will use the rest of my time on earth to atone for my sins and seek the light in my interior, in others and in myself, "concludes the letter, which he called:" Beware of the man who has nothing to lose, because he has nothing to protect. "

In recent years, Isaac Kappy became one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood. In August 2018, Paris Jackson accused him of trying to drown her during a nighttime party. According to the version of the daughter of Michael Jackson, the actor continued to send messages to his cell phone after the alleged assault, so he had to reinforce his safety.

According to TMZ, Paris Jackson responded to the messages at first because he believed he was suicidal and wanted to help him.

On another occasion, the actor posted a video in which he claimed that Seth Green, known for giving voice to Chris Griffin in Family Guy and for his role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, was a pedophile.

His last television appearance was in 2016, on the Rachel Dratchs Late Night Snack show.

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