Antoine, from a luxurious documentary to an austere video

16-05-2019 07:05

Center Mottor and nod Griezmann. This was the last goal of the French in the Metropolitan. Only he, and his people, of course, could guess that he would be one of the last ones in the Atlético stadium. The Cholismo faithful did not have that feeling on April 24 when the forward celebrated that goal. They did not even perceive that the duel of this past weekend with Sevilla would be the last of the 'Little Prince' in which it has been his home for the last five years.

He was fired two days later to play for the last time in the Metropolitan dodging any criticism

Antoine Yes, I knew it. He chose, and not by chance, to announce his final decision just after the duel with the Sevillian team. He chose, and not by chance, to do so after stepping into his stadium, hiding the new direction he has designed for his sports career. A course where the Athletic one no longer appears in its list of preferences changing also of strategy.

From 32 minutes to two

Nothing remains of that luxurious documentary, produced by Kosmos Studios, the producer of Gerard Piqué, which opened a new path in the media landscape a year ago. Now, the forward has been much more austere. Quite simpler. In his video, almost homemade tone, there was no room for super productions that both irritated a year ago to Bartomeu.

The president negotiated his signing for months and learned that he would not come hours before the documentary was broadcast. On Tuesday, however, a short video (barely 129 seconds) to say what he did not say a year ago in that format that lasted 32 minutes, with those final scenes of a Griezmann hooded at night heading towards the Metropolitan, smiling a smile of complicity with the athletes.

Since the fall in Turin (March 12) he had not spoken. "I feel guilty," said the star then

"I want to show everyone that I have not made a mistake by taking this decision," said the player not a year ago. Now, it only took him two minutes to explain that he needs to "look for new challenges". because he is no longer seen wearing the Atlético shirt.

21 goals and 10 assists

"The fans mostly do not want him," he explained. Joan Laporta, the former president of Barça. "For me, and for the prices that are being considered, the price is exaggerated," argued the former leader at the time if he finally came to the Camp Nou "would encourage him as has happened with all players who have come."

Griezmann has not been seen brilliant this season. 21 goals have been scored in all competitions in 47 games, in addition to giving away 10 assists. But he does not speak publicly, beyond farewell videos, since last March 12. He spoke in Turin where everything ended. "We have chosen a bad day to screw up, I feel guilty," he said after falling out of the Champions League.

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