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13-06-2019 03:06

The Oracle Arena is the house of dreams, where the Warriors, one of the best teams in history, were designed, grew and reigned. There, under the protection of its public, will defend this Thursday, early Friday in Spain (3.00, # Vamos and Movistar +), the possibility of forcing the seventh game and get their third consecutive title in Toronto. The contender went to a basket to dethrone them on Monday in an exciting fifth duel. He did not get it because the shot on the horn of Kyle Lowry, well defended by Draymond Green, made water. In spite of everything, the Canadians continue to command the final by 3-2 and maintain the hope of winning the first title for a non-US team.

The Warriors reaped arguments in Toronto to shore up their game and their confidence in preserving the hegemony demonstrated with three rings since 2015, five consecutive finals and a collection of records as spectacular as their style. That fifth game was very emotional for its development and especially for the serious injury suffered by Kevin Durant. The player, 30 years old, was operated in New York for the rupture of the Achilles tendon. According to the first estimates it could be low between six months and one year. The effect of such a serious injury in one of the best players in the league captures the story of a final in which he has barely played 12 minutes. "We will play for him," says Stephen Curry. The great protagonists of the victory that saved his team were the Splash Brothers, Curry and Klay Thompson, in addition to Draymond Green, in short, the founding trio of the saga, without forgetting that they added 20 triples and the contribution of Cousins ​​and Andre Iguodala.

"Everyone likes to say: 'Champions? They have a great attack. ' But you do not win championships without the heart that this team has, "says the temperamental Draymond Green. "It was shown in that game and I've said it all the time: that's why we're champions." The Warriors go ahead with the challenge of going back 3-1 in an NBA Final. Of the 35 occasions in which a 3-1 was recorded, only in one was the comeback. It was in 2016, when the LeBron James Cavaliers surprised the Warriors.

The Raptors maintain the confidence that has allowed them to overcome all obstacles. After eliminating Orlando (4-1), they went back 1-2 against the Sixers with a basket over the speaker of Kawhi Leonard in the seventh game (4-3) and were overcome in the final against Milwaukee (4- 2) since the Bucks won the first two games.

Nick Nurse has been criticized for his decisions in the last three minutes of the fifth game. He asked for a timeout with three minutes left and his team had come back and had placed six points ahead (103-97). After that dead time of the Raptors coach, the partial was 9-0 for the Warriors. "It was a bad dead time," said former player and now analyst Tracy McGrady. On the other hand, when Cousins ​​fouled in 15 seconds and 105-106, Nurse did not want to stop the game to prepare the last play. In this case, it is a usual way of proceeding from the Raptors coach who, in such circumstances, prefers that his players continue without interruption.

Marc Gasol and Ibaka stressed that his team made defensive mistakes that must be corrected. Any small detail can decant the balance of a final that the Warriors intend to extend and dismiss the Oracle Arena with a triumph, because next year they move to the Chase Center, their new pavilion in Mission Bay, San Francisco.

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