Summary of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

25-06-2019 16:06

This a romance novel by Jojo Moyes and already has a movie version of it as it got succeed, even the book has two sequels. The story is about Will Traynor, a man from U.K. Will is a man who lives his life in extreme way, like going to exotic places and climbing Mounts. However, one day he suffers from an accident when a motorcycle hits him before he gets into a taxi. The accident makes him quadriplegic; for two years, Will has to endure an enormous doctors appointments and suffers from frequent pain. The accident makes him lost his girlfriend, his home, and his old lifestyle.

Then he gets tired of the pain he’s going through, Will tells his parents that he wants to make an appointment with a doctor in Switzerland that surely capable to end his pain. At first, his parents are scared and against with their son’s idea but when he decides to take his own life, they agree, if he gives them six more months. Will accepts it. Then later, his mother hires another caregiver to take care of Will when their first caregiver is unavailable. Louisa Clark, an unemployed twenty-six-year old interviews for the job though she has no experience on care-giving, but she is a pleasant quirky human being and hopes that she can make Will change his mind.

Louisa doesn’t get informed first that her job is actually to make sure that Will won’t kill himself, but she finds out after accidentally hear a conversation. She is devastated and want to quit her job, but Camilla begs to Louisa to get back. She accepts but with one condition. Louisa later begins to think of ways to help Will have a great life. She begins it with taking Will to go out and they also go to a vacation. During their vacation, Louisa confess to Will that she is in love with Will and that they can have a life together. Will says no and he tells her that he can’t change his mind about visit the doctor still. Louisa then leaves Will on the beach.

Later, Louisa goes back to her home and spend her days locked in her room, time passes as she goes to Switzerland before Will kills himself. In there, Will tells Louisa that the past six months when they spend time together is the best in his life, but it will not change his mind. She kisses him and Will Traynor dead.