Dear Yet becoming!

13-07-2019 01:07

Sometimes I forget you were and will be, its
a still time before you can crawl from where you are
to going to a place that will be safe for your thoughts to rear their heads.
I can say I’m sorry, pour my heart out to your happenings
align them to mine; scream I understand
You will laugh at my sympathy no, you will laugh at my
hoarse voice for screaming relations that are separate no?
But I watch you in the mirror, I see the dark circles under
Your eyes when you’re putting paint on, standing in front of your
mother yet at the back of her intruding eyes. You’re becoming a liar
chasing the future I see. Is that the end of the road myself, is that a turn about
when a tell all will be gifted to those that pried your lockdown?
My mother is a woman, the irony and I’m too to become a woman
If you’d stop, let me lead us into paradise of my formation. If you’d close your
eyes and let me open them. It’s always the beginning that’s a lie
and yours you’ve met, I’m only a meddler taking what’s yours into mine.
We’ll cheat together to live. Don’t die yet before my first kiss…
My mother is a knight of ours, take up wars to
defend our honour yet never with herself when she’s behind the sword.
Let’s thank the hypocrisy, we’d not have her had
she been truthful. I’m diverting from your hurt,
but I’m holding my heart as yours and my… if it bleeds anymore I’d not tell our story with dignity. Lie down my sweet, let me sing you a lullaby;
glamour your emptiness into a new day.
I know I’ve not arrived just yet, you are still fighting my entry as though I’m a critic but we are one. I miss our married thoughts
you’re cheating now for mistakes you made only
I’m to make them too given a chance, let me in so you’ll rest,
you’ve been awake twenty years…