Isaac Kappy, actor of "Breaking Bad" and "Thor", dies after jumping over a bridge

15-05-2019 21:05

The American actor Isaac Kappy, who participated in the television series "Breaking Bad", took his life throwing himself from a bridge in Arizona on Monday under the argument of "not having been a good man", according to a report published on Wednesday in the TMZ news portal.

At 42, the actor, who also appeared in the movie "Thor" (2011), decided to jump from the bridge, as confirmed by the spokesman of the Department of Public Safety of Arizona, Bart Graves.

"On May 13, 2019, at 07:26, we received a call from Interstate 40, eastbound, on Transwestern Road (mile 185), by an individual who pulled himself from the bridge on the Transwestern Highway to Interstate 40, "says the police statement.

The report details that a man identified as Isaac Kappy, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, jumped off the bridge and was hit by a car and died instantly.

According to the specialized news portal TMZ, several passersby tried unsuccessfully to stop the actor seconds before he jumped off the bridge.

The state authorities closed the investigation, after confirming that it was a suicide.

Hours before the suicide, Kappy posted a long letter on the social network Instagram, in which he confessed to reflecting on his character, his abuse of alcohol and drugs, and acknowledging that he had taken advantage of friends and family.

"I confess from my arrogance that these revelations had not come before, you see, I thought I was a good person, I was not a good man, I was a bad person all my life," reads his letter.

Kappy acknowledged that he had used his acquaintances to get money, besides having sold drugs and betraying people who wanted it. Also that the excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics had destroyed his body.

The actor He apologized to those who trusted him and "Jesus" for having "failed again". He said that he had found darkness inside and that he did not deserve the light of "God".

Kappy became one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood for his incendiary statements on social networks.

According to the specialized audiovisual portal IMDb, Kappy also participated in the films "Fanboys" (2009) and "Terminator Salvation" (2009).

The famous American series "Breaking Bad" (2008-2013), which in Spanish translates as "going bad", was set and produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was characterized by putting its characters in situations that apparently have no way out . Efe

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