Biden calls Trump "existential danger" and he calls the Democrat "weak-minded"

13-06-2019 03:06

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are delighted to hate each other. Yesterday they staged it in Iowa, a key state in the presidential elections, where they coincided – although in the campaign these coincidences are rare – several political acts of the US president. and the favorite to win the Democratic nomination. It was the first episode of what could be the great confrontation of 2020. Trump said that he was vice president with Barack Obama who is "the weakest mentally" of all the Democratic candidates and said he was a "loser" and reminded him "to the corrupt one of Hillary ", in reference Hillary Clinton, his opponent in 2016. The president of the USA. He joked with Biden's lack of energy and criticized that all he does is repeat his name.

Biden, for his part, called Trump an "existential danger" for his trade policy and criticized that it is "easy to be tough when the one who suffers are others, such as farmers and manufacturers." He also said that the president had "his tail between his legs" for failures such as trying to tear down Obama's healthcare reform.

The confrontation favors both: it highlights the image of Biden as Trump's great rival, compared to the rest of the Democratic candidates, and concentrates the president's attacks on a single adversary, instead of a dozen.