Grupo IFA increased its sales by 43% in 2018, to 24,361 million euros in 2018

25-06-2019 13:06

The IFA Group achieved a consolidated turnover of 24,361 million euros in 2018, 43% more thanks to the incorporation of the Italian Gruppo Végé. The distribution chain of food and consumer products held on Tuesday its general meeting of shareholders, where the results have been presented at the end of the year 2018. Of the amount mentioned, a total of 12,925 million correspond to consolidated sales in Spain, which means a growth of 4.6%. In the domestic market, IFA has increased its market share by one percentage point in the period 2012-2018, reaching a percentage of 15.8% in 2018 and 14.1% of the total free-service, according to data from the consultancy Nielsen

The general director of the IFA Group, Juan Manuel Morales, stressed on the board that the results of 2018 "reaffirm the leadership of a business model that is almost unique in Europe, led by the regional champions, in a context of great competitiveness. A model that wins in a market thanks to the consistency, coherence and long-term vision of its entrepreneurs ».

The distribution group closes the 2018 financial year with a total commercial area of ​​six million square meters thanks to a park of 10,210 establishments located in Spain, Portugal and Italy. With this, it reaches a market share of 12.4% on commercial surface in southern Europe. At the national level, it has a network of 6,116 stores with a commercial area of ​​3.7 million square meters, which gives it a market share per area of ​​18.5% in the retail channel and 30.9% for the wholesale channel. The company leads by area in 17 provinces, including Madrid and Barcelona.

The group of companies in the Group employs 122,934 people. Of these, 78,924 are employed in Spain, which represents an interannual growth of 8.7% and 6,317 new jobs. In this exercise, the growth in hiring is more than double that achieved in 2017, which was 3.9%.

Variety of brands
In the press release sent by Grupo IFA it is highlighted that the entry of Gruppo Végé into its structure has represented an opportunity for brands seeking to develop in southern Europe, an improvement in their competitive position and the promotion of a commercial offer to long term and of greater value for the consumer.

Likewise, the communication highlights that the IFA Group's business continues to be aligned with current trends in the sector such as proximity, fresh products and consumer choice. "In 2018, the boost in consumer choice has been reinforced. through joint growth with the manufacturer's brands, a segment where IFA earns 2.2 points of market share in the last six years and doubles its profit over the total national market, "reads the press release.

The IFA group, leader in the surface distribution sector in the Iberian market, is made up of 34 members and 137 associated companies, among which are Ahorramás, Bon Preu, Dinosol Supermarket or Dani Supermarkets, among others. .