The United Kingdom sends a second battleship to the waters of the Persian Gulf

12-07-2019 15:07

London increases its military presence in the area after it denounced on Thursday that the military Navy will try to "block the way" to one of its oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz

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The British destroyer HMS Duncan, at the Bsforo.

United Kingdom temporarily increase its military presence in the Gulf to advance the deployment of a second warship, reported on Friday the British Government and a source of defense, amid growing tensions with Irn.

HMS Duncan goes to the Gulf to relieve the frigate HMS Montrosein place and continue to guarantee "freedom of navigation" in this area, said a spokesman for the British executive. This rotation, which was scheduled, was advanced, added a source of defense, which does not specify how long the ships will remain in the region. According to another government source, the executive also on Tuesdaymaximum scale of alertin Iranian territorial waters for British ships.

The tension aroundStrait of Hormuz, through which almost a third of the shipping of crude oil transits, has worsened in the last weeks since the attacks of unknown origin against oil tankers and the destruction of a US drone by Irn.

A new incident was added on Thursday when the military navy will try on Wednesday night, according to the United Kingdom, to "block the way" of a British oil tanker, British Heritage, in the Strait of Hormuz. HMS Montrose was forced to position itself between the Iranian ships and the British Heritage and to issue a verbal warning to the Iranian ships, which turned around, "he added.

The Guardians of the Revolution, a military army of the Irn regime, denied any recent confrontation with foreign ships.

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