US Harbor District links the United States deeply as they start for the World Cup title

13-06-2019 05:06

The National Women's Team in the United States began a record in defending the World Cup's title title Tuesday.

The United States launched Thailand 13-0 in Reims, France, scoring more goals in one game than any other in the history of the competition. The striker Alex Morgan was meeting a record with five goals in Group F's second game, taking into account his common interests from the two World Cup (three). She also added three help, and the first player to put her up that stat line.

Before you ask: Yes, it is a good thing for the Americans, and no, they're not bad for the sport. The unified scoreline speaks much more to the structural variations that exist between the top and bottom of the soccer world rather than the disrespect of the USWNT.

To put it simply, the United States that they had better funding and better players playing for club better superior league (and better financing) than others.

Thailand has appeared in two consecutive World Cup since the competition was extended to 24 teams; the US did not finish worse than a third in each of the first seven World Cup for women. As a result, Tuesday had a hook number on the scoreboard, as the USWNT made history.

It is likely to be a long time before another team makes scores (or more) goals in one game. When a Tuesday game is recreated during World Cups and beyond, which of the 13 goals will be remembered? We had to rank each of the 13, from the worst to the best.

13. Sam Mewis, 50;

12. Sam Mewis, 54 & 39;

No depreciation of the UCLA product, which made its first Tuesday in the World Cup. Both of these goals were the result of a good fortune – the first one took a Thai defendant to deflect, and a poacher finish the latter. But there is enough credit going to the midfielder, having entered the linear Tuesday and the center back Becky Sauerbrunn sitting with a quad question.

Mewis now has four goals in his final four games, and shows the depth of manager Jill Ellis.

11. Alex Morgan, 81 & 39;

10. Alex Morgan, 87;

We wait firmly to split hairs and pick animals with the last two trees of Morgan's day. Morgan Morgan's fifth goal is the first place in these rankings because of the backdrop and the first terrible contact she had to create space, but Cal's finish on her fourth mark shows why she is one. of the best strikers in the world.

9. Lindsey Horan, 32 & # 39;

Megan Rapinoe and Tobin Heath were the opponents of a fixed piece, and Heath's low-cross on the second USWNT goal created the day in terms of dangers. The passport was put on time just behind Mewis in the box, but Horan was there to clean things up.

When the stages of the layout begin, Ellis will be happy to have that card to play.

8. Mallory Pugh, 85 & # 39;

7. Carli Lloyd, 92 ’

These goals were very similar. Two goal rear turnover from Thai keeper Sukanya Chor Charoenying, two three balls from Morgan and two tidy finishes.

Lloyd (the oldest USWNT player) gets the edge over Pugh (his youngest) from scoring to the outside of his left leg. It is worth remembering Pugh's potato for dribble around Charoenying.

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6. Rose Lavelle, 20 & # 39;

The first person from Morgan Morgan might have been her favorite. She ran back to stacking Hara's recovery, keeping up well and then launching Lavelle into the goal.

5. Alex Morgan, 12 & 39;

The USWNT opened its target scoring account in France with a strong team move, and it won the ball back in the middle of the field and only needed a four-leg to head Morgan to set up. Kelley had the lucky luck that Rapinoe's deflection pass went into her path, but Rapinoe brought attention to two defenders enough time and space for Oara.

4. Rose Lavelle, 56 & # 39;

The ball through Crystal Dunn was exceptional, but Mewis might have preferred to return to Lavelle.

Lavelle's goal was to seal his first brace with USWNT, and she was one of three players to score at least two goals on the day. Not bad for the start of the World Cup.

3. Alex Morgan, 53 & 39;

Heath met again with a free kick about 40 yards away from the goal, and he presented the ball to a fantastic presentation to his colleagues to win a header over smaller Thailand defenders. Horan led to Morgan was also accurate.

The USWNT will not have the same advantage as the contest, but it could lead to a dominant stretch.

2. Megan Rapinoe, 79 & # 39;

Target anti-attack uncommon on a day the United States spent most of its part in the third attack, strong defense won the ball back. Then Lloyd made a smart pass to his co-representative Christen Press, who ensured that Puzzle could make a precise pass in Rapinoe's path.

Total marks on Rapinoe from the full length of the run field, the sliding finish and the subsequent celebration.

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1. Alex Morgan, 74 & 39;

Her favorite target was Morgan, and a product of impressive movements. She controlled the Press press and went in a shooting position with a touch and a firm turn, then created enough space to shoot the ball by rolling the ball from her left leg into the right-hand path before finishing over Chandenying stretched.

On a day when Morgan colleagues showed enough individual skill, he really was standing out.