22-05-2019 17:05

Journaling 05/15/19


After posting my last journaling about the Bride being ready, or not, my husband and I talked a bit in our evening prayer time and I had a few thoughts pop into my head, which is how it usually occurs, just poof, there they are and off my mind goes running. 😊


Why is there such an emphasis in the bible regarding God’s institution and design regarding marriage? What’s the significance of the married state? Why did He design marriage?

I know it’s a model of the relationship between Christ and the church paralleling with the one between husband and wife. I know it’s an illustration of covenant. I realize it’s a means for us to procreate while keeping sanctity intact. But it just seems that there’s more to be uncovered here. I’m sure there’s a much deeper meaning, significance than we realize.

Why does The Lamb need to be married? Or is that simply allegory? With all we read in the Word about the groom, bride, preparation, ceremony, etc. it certainly seems more than just an illustration. And, as my husband stated, he has a difficult time wrapping his mind around being married to Christ. I, as a female, find it easier but have wondered just how is it supposed to work. While I take the relationship and the symbolism literally, the concept of actually being married, I don’t. Yet that’s what the bible says, over and over.

As I sat there wondering on all this, something occurred to me that was a natural segue from the “being prepared” topic in my last blog.

Life isn’t just about our preparing for the marriage of the Lamb and our lives in heaven. It’s about all of creation preparing for it. Everything that has and is occurring here on earth, is a preparation for the Reign of Christ. Our personal journey is but a small part of it. All of creation was affected when satan rebelled. All of creation was affected when Adam and Eve sinned, sending us off on a different trajectory than intended. All was affected when Christ was crucified and resurrected. This isn’t just about us, those who accept salvation. It encompasses and affects everything.

Consider all that has occurred since God began creating in Genesis. That’s a long period of time of preparation with an enormous amount of events and meaning contained within it. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the “we” or “human” aspect of it, but considering that the world is going to be replaced, due to its suffering from the affects of sin, as we do, arriving in heaven isn’t what’s most important. Yes, heaven is a wonderful destination and we are instructed to look to the eternal, store up our treasures in heaven, to be more concerned over what cannot be destroyed or won’t deteriorate. But it’s much more than I think most of us contemplate.

So, despite my initial questions as to what’s the true, in-depth meaning and reason for marriage and The Marriage, I think there’s something even more important here.

Everyone dreams of heaven, even those who aren’t saved, even those who claim to not believe, even those who boast they don’t want it. Everyone at one time or another has thought about, considered, and desired “heaven”, with its meaning depending on the individual. And I guarantee most who don’t find themselves there in eternity, will desire it.

Not surprising when you take into account what we’ve heard about it: no more pain, no more suffering, no more tears, no more disease or wars or death; the riches, streets of gold, mansions, the beauty, the colors, on and on and on. Although I will live wherever the Lord puts me, I truly have no interest in any mansions, nor all the riches, other than the beauty they exhibit.

But I think humans have had too much of a fixation on getting to heaven, just the destination itself. It’s all about getting there, getting there, getting there.

I would be lying if I said none of that mattered to me, but I am not lying when I say that it isn’t my main focus anymore. You see, I’ve come to consider the marriage of the Lamb as the “beginning” of things. When a couple marries, they agree to do so, there’s a lot of preparation, then there’s the wedding, the honeymoon and then-REAL LIFE TOGETHER BEGINS.

I think the most important journey begins after the ceremony with Our Savior occurs. That’s when the real story starts. That’s the true starting point.

So, I beg to differ and step away from the normal sentiments about getting to heaven, the marriage of the Lamb, our getting to the millennial reign, which in itself, I believe, is just another preparation for the time post-millennium. I am not simply looking at getting there, I’m looking forward to what comes afterwards.

Heaven isn’t the end point nor is it simply the destination, or the goal. It’s the beginning.

But of what?

That “what” is what excites me.