Love Island gets TWO new boys as Jordan Hames and Tom Walker arrive to throw the villa into turmoil

17-06-2019 08:06

LOVE Island looks set to be thrown into turmoil yet again as the villa gets an injection of fresh blood with TWO hunky new arrivals.

Jordan Hames, 24, and Tom Walker, 29, are sure to turn the girls’ heads and leave the boys quaking in their flip flops.

Tom Walker is the new arrival at the villa

Jordan is also coming into the villa

After tonight’s dramatic recoupling, the new boys will hopefully be a breath of fresh air to the extremely tense villa but could they cause even more trouble?

Jordan, a model from Manchester, says that although he wants to get along with the lads if he sees a girl he wants, he’s going to go for it.

The hunk revealed: “For me it takes a lot for me to commit to a girl so when I am single I will dabble here and then.

“But when I’m committed I am 100% loyal. But only if I meet the right girl.”

Temperatures are set to rise with the new arrivals

Jordan has his eye on a number of ladies in the villa

Jordan is a model

The hunk added he has his eye on a few of the girls in the villa already.

He said: “I like all of them, I’m greedy in that sense.

“I like blondes, brunettes, red heads. I would say Anna, Amber, Molly-Mae and Elma are on my radar.”

Jordan – who describes himself as a “smooth operator” – said he’s looking for someone with “nice eyes, good energy and good banter”, but warned he is put off by girls with “a really loud, annoying laugh”.

Jordan wants a girl with nice eyes and good banter

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Meanwhile Tom, a model from Leeds, says he has his eye on Maura, Elma and Lucie.

When asked who he fancied, he admitted: “I like the new girls – Maura is a cannon. She’s gone in there and torn it up. She might be a bit too hot to handle!

“I really like Elma. She’s got a look I tend to go for. From day one I liked the look of Lucie,
although she seems pretty happy and settled with Joe. I’ll find out whether she is when I get in.”

Tom is also a model

The hunk is certainly villa body ready

Tom says he is a loyal person and won’t mess people around too much in the villa

Tom has his eye on Lucie even though she’s coupled up with Joe

Asked if he will be loyal in the villa, he replied: “I’m a loyal person. Never say never to the wandering eye because it’s the way of the show.

“You feel like you’re really into one person but then who knows? I will make calculated decisions and I’m not going to go rushing in.

“But I’m loyal so I don’t think I’ll be messing people around too much.”

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