Kristin Cavallari comments about Lauren Conrad’s success

19-03-2019 01:03

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Call It A Truce?????

For nearly 15 years, it’s been no secret that Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad are so-called frenemies, a little tiff way back in 2004 that got initiated from a little MTV show called “Laguna Beach”, it was Kristin who was dating Stephen Colletti, but it seemed Lauren has her eyes on the dashing teenage boy, which seemed not to please Kristin in any shape or form, it’s said to been a fierce rivalry ever since, but it looks like Kristin has finally turned the corner on her “old frenemy” named LC, who told E! News today what she thinks about Lauren’s business success.

As Kristin found herself in Pacific Palisades, California over the weekend with husband, Jay Cutler, and their 3 adorable children, Kristin revealed that she is nothing more than happy with Lauren Conrad’s success with Kohl’s, The Little Market, and success social media website being, Kristin went onto note out of left field that she also is happy with the success that Heidi Montag has had post-“Hills”.

And of course, Kristin Cavallari’s very giddy about her own success with Uncommon James and the lifestyle brand it offers for young adult women, as well as with the newest extension of Uncommon James being Baby James, gearing to the young babies in one’s life.

And don’t forget Kristin’s successful top-selling books 2 years apart from each other being “Balancing In Heels” and “True Roots” cookbook, which gives more than sweet-tasting icing to Kristin Cavallari’s success.

Daniel Quintanilla