‘Bandi Te Bardi O Yaar’| Khwaja Ghulam Farid (Lyrics + Translation)

05-07-2019 20:07

After more than two years of endless scrounging YouTube like a madman, I was starting to get a feeling that this might just be the end of the tunnel. There you go, you’ve finally listened to almost every single one of his recorded performances, my brain was starting to tell me. And then I found something, again. It was a casual reminder that there is still an endless ocean of Nusrat’s performances, buried deep inside the corners of YouTube that I have not and possibly never be able to listen to in my lifetime. The funny part is, the qawwali I am going to talk about here is not from a rare, private mehfil kinda concert. It is from the classic Birmingham concert of 1983.
How the hell did I miss that?
That was exactly my reaction when I clicked on one of Nusrat’s ‘Oriental Star agency’ recorded videos a couple of days ago. OSA was the same company that recorded and released Nusrat’s earliest foreign tours. The qawwali which he was singing is quite popular though, and people who, by interest listen to Punjabi Sufi songs must have stumbled upon it. Tons of qawwals have given the song their voices, and even continue to do so to this day. I had earlier listened to the same song but by Ustaad Hafiz Miandad in a rare live setting [Link below]. That performance was exactly what I search for in NFAK’s performances: average audio quality, long 20ish minute performance with the audience’s voices easily audible. People might find it funny but I like it this way. It somehow gives me a feeling of actually being present in the setting.
People, even Nusrat’s truest fans might’ve overlooked the fact that there exists this video on the internet. If I were to believe YouTube, this was the only time he sang this on camera. The performance, recorded at St.Francis Hall- Birmingham in 1983 was something that somehow escaped my eyes all these years. The performance is pretty short by Nusrat’s standards – a mere 9 minute long but you somehow get hooked to it, at least I have been for the past 3 days. I’ll leave that part for you guys to explore. Below are the lyrics and translation. Enjoy!


Eid sayid shaheed cha kitam
kayi gujdi ramz chalaayi
eid ohna jehna deed sajjan di
bina deedon eid na kaayi
yaar fareed lakh eid manaasan
jadon vichde milsan maahi
aa ve maahi tai ko allah ghin lehyaawe
hoyiyaan muddatan bahuti ghanniyaan
hijr tede vich ankhiyan barsan
jivein mi saawan diyan kanniyaan
ehna ankhiyan ne rona os din sikheya
jadon waakif tediyan banniyan
yaar fareed rona ohdon muksi
jadon hon kafan diyan tanniyan
baandhi te bardi o yaar tain dilbar di o yaar
jaane maahi o mehaz na jaane o yaar
faalan paawan te peer manaawan o yaar
je tun aavein te sadke main jaawan o yaar
naam tere da main vird pakaawan o yaar
o jind payi sikdi aahi taindre bhane o yaar
tain bin sunjhiyan dissan gulzaaran o yaar
hijr tere vich aahi main maaran o yaar
je tu aavein te aaun bahaaran o yaar
jag paya denda hi taindre taane o yaar
ishq kahani be andaaz o yaar
mann vich wajda ishq da saaz o yaar
‘Ghulam Fareed’ dasse ki raaz o yaar
ethse bhul gaye sugad siyaane o yaar

I tried my best to get someone to translate this in English as I can neither speak nor write Punjabi. I have not found anyone yet. One thing that I can say with absolute confidence is that nobody has bothered to put up the English translation on the internet yet. So, the bottom translation is bound to have a few errors.


Beloved, I am your servant. I know only my beloved and know none else.

I will plough and bow in front of peer?, If you come then I may be (sacrificed for this sake). Not exact but sadke jaana= kurban jaana

Beloved, I chant your name and live as per your will.

Without you everything seems deserted, I am dying of your separation

If you come then it will be spring. The whole world is taunting me with your name.

Music of love plays inside my heart.

What secret can Ghulam Farid tell. Many highly intelligent and experienced person have forgotten it/dont know it ?

I know it is not complete but I hope it kinda gives you the feeling, right? I am running short of time right now. I’ll keep on updating the translation if I find something better.
Till then, listen to these two :

  1. Nusrat – 1983

2. Ustaad Hafiz Miandad

Happy Listening ­čÖé