Rip Torn, Valentina Cortese, Denise Nickerson, and Jim Bouton!

12-07-2019 15:07

Our hectic month went into overdrive, as we experienced the busiest two day period in pool history on Tuesday and Wednesday. H. Ross Perot was already written up when Larry Sanders Show great Rip Torn joined him on the 9th – I’ve written pretty extensively about Torn over in my other endeavor, the ongoing Set of 400 film countdown at (check it out!), but besides his great turns in Defending Your Life and Men in Black, Torn will forever have the world’s undying gratitude for trying to kill Norman Mailer with a hammer during the filming of Maidstone.

Then Wednesday, with news already coming out that Denise Nickerson was being taken off life support, Academy Award nominee Valentina Cortese snuck out the door when no one was looking, at age 96. Cortese had a lengthy European film career, but is almost certainly best known worldwide for her role in Francois Truffaut’s classic Day For Night, a film poster I’ve had hanging in my various apartments for well over a decade now. And then Nickerson, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s Violet, seemingly closed down this huge two day run, but no! Former big leaguer and author of one of the most famous baseball books ever Jim Bouton took his base on Ball Four at the age of 80!

This is the first time we’ve had five point scoring deaths in two days in pool history, with Wednesday tying the record of three deaths in one day. And while no single team has ever recorded three in a day, this stretch also set the new personal record of three in two days, as yes, the commissioner is back on top, thanks to Torn, Cortese, and Nickerson. Torn was drafted in every year of the pool – bouncing from Michael to Adam to Kristen G. to Skeides to Capone to Steve before coming my way, while Cortese was in the last seven pools, going from Sarah to me to Rob to Dondos before landing back on my team. And yes, this jumps me out to a decent lead, but come on, this year has been one of terrific parity so far, so I’ve no doubt it will even out before long.

And not to be outdone, we’ve got another team off the scoreless streak, as Jeff picked up 30 points on Bouton and jumped over a few teams near the bottom of the standings! Nicely done! That’s the second scoreless team out of the doghouse this week – only three to go!