Chemical Castration for Child Sex Offenders

13-06-2019 22:06


I am sorry but i dont think this solves the problem. I know that is not a popular opinion.

1. Why isnt doesnt this include all rapist?

2. Why arent we working on the laws that allow men to marry children? Yes right here in America.

3. Why aren’t children of child barring age allowed abortions? And then the rapist is given parental rights?!

4. There is always possibility that someone is falsely incriminated. I heard on Dr. Phil (even though i really dislike him) as well as a woman in a FB group i am in having delusions that she was molested. And that is a real thing.

5. What about women predators? What about women who let their children be raped? (My cousin was molested by her female babysitter)

6. Why do we only incarcerate people who watch child porn, but dont have the technology to actually shut down the sites or find the children being abused or the people making the videos?

Believe me i am not here for pedos in the least. At all. But it doesnt address rape culture, the sick mindsets of these people and it is a slippery slope when taking away body autonomy. If they are pedos they can still find away around it. For some reason the states answer to situations are with more violence. School shootings = arm the teachers with guns. Child predators? = cut their penis off and let them get raped in jail.

While my heart and emotions are for this. My logical mind find this problematic and inhumane and just doesnt address the issue at large. I know the popupar opinion is to revel in the pedos getting their dicks cut off or raped in jail. But i don’t because that is a sick mentality as well. Rape doesnt solve rape. And pedos can and will find other ways to be sick fucks.

Also if you follow Shaun King’s page he recently (maybe last month or so) posted a couple of scenarios where a 18 year old and and 16 year old were dating in high school and engaged in an act and now the 18 year old must register as a sex offender. Same thing with i believe a 14 and 12 year old and the 14 year old must register as a sex offender. And while they may have made a mistake, as they are still considered children…… it’s grey or extreme cases like this that worry me. They weren’t violent rapes or a huge gap in age.

Side Note: I just read that the law is for people over the age of 21. But i wanted to leave these two cases in this blog post for reference.

Also I had a cop distinctly tell me word for word. “The law is writen generally and applied specifically”. So we all know what that means.


Now my own situation, was when i was 3 years old (in the 80s) my parents divorced and my sister and i were taken to a child psychologist. I drew a picture of a monster and said something about the monster. And the child psychologist said that because of my drawing that she interpreted as that my father molested me. 😳 i have written about this in my blog before.

This truly broke up my family. And my father was instructed to do some class or something (i didnt ask too many questions because it is sensitive) and he said NO because he didnt do anything and basically gave up on the custody case because he was over being accused of something he didnt do. No court trial and no jail time and he is not on any registered sex offender list. Not sure what the procedures were back then. But there is nothing there.

I didn’t see my dad for 10 years because he fell off the grid after that. And from what he told me lived in depression and was drinking a lot.

Now i didnt remember any of this. And one day after a sleep over i told my mom that i felt uncomfortable around my friends dad. And in my adult mind that was probably because i didnt really have a dad around myself. Just my grandfather. And when i told her she got really weird and nervous and told me to tell my grandparents what i told her and my grandpa blurted out “ya father molested you” i didnt know what it even meant but i knew it was bad and i just started crying. I hated my father even more after that.

Fast forward a couple years later my mom finally was going to hit my dad up for child support (because my little snoody ass was doing the math calculation of child support and telling her we need to hit him up because college is approaching and we didnt have to be poor lol i was such a nosey body…..ridiculous). And apparently my mom and dad were having long coversations late at night that i didnt know about. Until one night i woke up from a nightmare and she was on the phone and put my father on the phone with me and he said something like “I NEVER HURT YOU” and something about going to the beach and building sand castles together. He was crying the whole time. And I rolled my eyes and gave the phone back to to my mom.

I was mad. Soon my dad started coming around behind my grandparents back. And my parents soon fell in love again after 10 years of not seeing each other. I was a disrespectful brat just as a side note but clearly i had issues. I didnt understand why he didnt fight for us. And why he wasnt around. But as an adult. Him being a man of few words….. I can see why he gave up.

I believe my father. I believe my mom would not risk judgement by my grandparents, family members and friends and my sister and I. She clearly was willing to let the relationship go then. So i believe he never did anything and i never got a whiff of ANYTHING fishy from him. Like ever.

So I honestly think about my case. Where an innocent father was accused of molesting his child in a divorce case (the divorce was over fighting about living arrangements from what i was told). And i wonder if this would be him in this day in age. He would be quickly chemically castrated because a child psychologists interpretation of a kids drawing that made him out to be the monster. Later my mom said that she thinks the monsters were the mice that were in the window sill. But who knows.

All my life i really wondered if something DID happened to me and wondered if it was someone else that did it because this fucked up thought was implanted in my mind. Even though it never happened. But what fucked me up even more was not too soon after my family saying “something happened” when i was a kid, i saw a 20/20 special that was of a child who was molested …….. And saying he (maybe 10 or so) then became a child molestor as a child. And they put up a statistic that 50% of children who were molested become one. And THAT 👏FUCKED👏 ME 👏UP! I remember saying something to myself like i would rather die! It really fucked me up.

Now fast forward again. I repaired my relationship with my parents both after this whole molestation case and then again as a teen/ adult when they kicked me out for being queer. It took a lot of emotional work. Forgiveness. Trust. Allowing us to create new memories and just being in their presence. Even when i was on the beach with my father as an adult, he had mentioned it again. He said was stoned and said “i never did anything to you, you know that right?”. And said my mom “was a real b!+€# during the divorce”. It took me everything not to deck him in his face for calling my mom that especially to his daughter but i later understood that it is still a wound for him. One that may never be truly repaired.

Now as someone who is being “demonically influence/ schizophrenic or targeted” for the last 3-4 years. I have no idea what exactly is happening to me, i can just describe it and document it. And now decades later. I hear voices calling ME a child molester! Just literally one day out of no where. At one point the voices repeatedly said i was “paying for your father!” So essentially the voices were saying because my father was wrongfully accused i was to suffer in his place. Something like that. I would hear a voice say “you’re a child molester!” And another one in a lower voice say “no you’re not…” It was like talking out bother side of its mouth. And this was while I was working with teens at an after school program which i quit after being forced by the voices and two attempted suicides because of what i was hearing. So I was really looking at WHERE this could have been interpreted as such (by the voices). And this was LONG after i healed that part of myself and story. All that lingered around was that the story happened (my struggle with being told that i was abused). But not that it actually happened (it never happened)

Women (this includes transwomen) and children being safe and protected has always been something important to me AS a woman. That is a trigger that wont go away ever. Even before i was told anything about being allegedly abused i saw the story of Hathor (an egyptian goddess who became enraged by the disrespect of women and children in the land that she just started killing men and it took them filling the Nile with wine that look like blood to get her to stop) and i claimed it as my own. I said i am Hathor.

Even as i started to grow up hearing all of my close friends had been sexually abused….. Was mind blowing. I just didn’t know it was happening at that rate. Even a child at my job was repeated raped by her father and we didnt find out until her eye was bloody because she told her mom and her mom decided to punch her eye out. It was sick. And it triggered the fuck out of me. But i tried to just be there for her with out making her relive the situation and ask too many questions. I’m not a trained professional and if she wanted to open up about it thats her own time. But if she wanted to forget about for a moment i was down for that as well. (Note: her school called ACS and they “were on top of it” but she still had to live in that home which was mind boggling).

This world makes me so sad. I mean I’ve always fought for injustices. I’ve BEEN WOKE. But this added spiritual injustice just……. Idk just makes every moment of every day unbareable. And all i tried to do is be a good person and please God by doing better. To this day i can speculate only why the demonic schizophrenic voices went the way they did. But at the end of the day i really dont get it. It really came out of no where. And the torture is unbearable most days.

In many ways i had to really dig deep on how i feel about this subject because of the voices constantly harrassing me so i really didnt have much of a choice. I believe harming innocent children that cant defend themselves is one of the most vile things someone can do. But at the end of the day i dont believe in the state having control over peoples bodies. This includes abortion, castration, forced sterilization of women and the death penalty. I can’t say i have the answers as to the alternatives, but it is where i am at currently.

I just want to be free from this. Its like being triggered every minute of life. And i rarely see the beauty in the world anymore. It’s less balanced. I need beauty in my life again.

I hope one day soon.

Triggered Life.