It’s time to break the Republican’s backs figuratively

18-06-2019 10:06

As the first two Democratic primary debates approach I am reminded of one of the biggest issue facing the Democratic party today. The disconnect between the base and the party is still there and is very visible. The election of left leaning social democrats like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been exciting and heartening but the power still lies with the corporate democrats who control the levers of power. Nothing short of a total takeover will suffice. It is also worth noting that should the left leaning dems take over the party, the fight will only be just beginning. As long as millionaires and billionaires exist and as long as capitalism is the economic model, the wealthy will always have the power to take away the progress we have had. I am an anarcho communist and I do not  think social democracy is far enough but I want us to get there and keep pushing.

The first step is to figure out how to make our public figures understand that we won’t accept their complacency. The Democratic Party has outwardly looked weak when fighting the right but this is to be expected as their actual purpose is to contain the leftist energy and focus it into ways that will not harm the status quo. Make no mistake about it, the Democrats can fight and will fight but only against their own side. I know the Democrats aren’t really left leaning much but it is important to realize that even those further to the left than them have a real issue. The left is very easily fractured because we have intellectual diversity and convictions that make unifying much more difficult. The right manages to unite seemingly disparate groups because for them, they have similar values when it comes to hierarchy and authority. I will say that I admire that they are able to unite so easily. I despise their value systems and them in general, but the right can much more easily be brought together. Honestly, certain conservative values such as respect for authority, protecting old traditions and being resistant to change are all things I can actually respect at some level. However, the right wing is reactionary and not conservative. Conservatives try to protect the status quo the current Republican Party wants to return us to some imaginary past.

This is why we must keep the pressure on public figures. They work for us remember!! Our tax dollars pay their salaries and while they get kickbacks from their rich donors we outnumber the rich donors. We must keep the pressure on and be intolerant of inaction and push them to fight as hard as they can. I want to be clear that in my mind, the only way to even get incremental change is to fight for things more radical then the change we expect to get. Continued pressure is also something that needs to be kept up for years and years. We do not have the money to keep the pressure on quite like the rich can but we must still be ready to battle our representatives for what we want. Politics requires conflict and when the Dems don’t want to fight it should be shamed and pointed out. We must threaten them in whatever ways we can and be able to interrupt their daily lives if we need to. This is not something that can wait. They can’t ignore us if we make it impossible for them to avoid us. To those of you who are more concerned with civility and being diplomatic about what we want to get, I say get a life. We have tried to be diplomatic and been patient. The Democratic party has proven to not give a shit about what we want. We also are not naive. We understand that they simply do not want the same things we do. Tough shit for them though, because they are OUR representatives and they will do what we elected them to do. Also it is imperative that the Republican Party be constantly made uncomfortable and upset. They are sick fucks and deserve to be ostracized. You must be willing to get them angry and you must be willing to break rules and obstruct them as much as possible. If you can show some fight I can guarantee you the election results will be better for you. It costs you nothing when you aren’t in power yet and the Republicans have been so bad and  cruel and they haven’t paid the price. This is not a party you should want to work with. You must be willing to crush them.