“The Mule,” “Happy Death Day 2U,” and Our Trip to Seattle

02-06-2019 02:06

The Mule

Since we weren’t here last week, this week you get two movie reviews.  Up first was The Mule directed by and starring Clint Eastwood (“Gran Torino”), Taissa Farmiga (“The Nun”) and Diane Wiest (“The Lost Boys”).

Beth’s review – “I like Clint Eastwood as a director and actor so I was pretty excited to watch this movie.  I thought overall it was pretty good.  The character development helped you not hate Clint as a mule.  My favorite part of this movie was probably Clint interacting with the drug dealers.  I did wish that the end did not occur as quick as it did, it seemed like they just didn’t know what to do.  8 out of 10.”

Brent’s review – “I really enjoyed the first half of this movie but felt the ending was a lot of buildup without much of a payoff.  It’s an interesting story, and in the protagonists situation you can even understand some of his actions which is tough to do when your lead character is a drug runner.  I’d describe this as similar to Gran Torino but instead of being a bad ass, Clint is a florist.  7.5 out of 10.”

Happy Death Day 2U

Up next is  Happy Death Day 2U, bringing back the same director (Christopher Landon) and cast (Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, and Phi Vu) from the prior installment.

Brent’s review – “This movie picks up right where the last one ends, gives a nice recap of everything that happened and then built on the premise from before.  Whereas the last one was Groundhog Day meets Scream, this one felt more like Safety Not Guaranteed or at least more in the sci-fi genre than horror.  I was interested in the developments and mystery, and thought the returning leads built on the chemistry they started in the first film.  8.5 out of 10.”

Beth’s review – “I actually think this was one of the most clever horror movie sequels.  I agree with Brent that it was more sci-fi and less horror than the first one, but I really liked where it went.  Going into it I thought it would be a similar storyline with different characters, which is what many horror sequels do, but instead this really added on to the story of the first movie.  I was also glad to see that pretty much the entire needed cast came back to do this film.   9 out of 10.”

This week we flew out to Seattle to visit family.  Our boys had done a plane ride before to Dallas and back, but with this being an even longer flight we were worried how it would go.  Our boys are awesome though and did great on the flight.

When we got to Seattle, we met up with Lori, David, Jimmy and Sebrina, our wayward family who moved west for greener pastures.  When our niece Charlie got off school, we decided to cause a big scene and Beth, Lori and our nephew Ben all dressed up in costumes and were waiting outside for Charlie when she got out of school.  It was a fun idea, though Beth who was dressed as the dinosaur got mauled by about 50 kids when they saw a dinosaur on their playground.

Up next we got to spend sometime doing Bar Mitzvah activities for Ben.  First was a dinner at Lori and David’s house.  It was a nice way to spend the evening after traveling all day.  The boys loved having their cousins to run around and play with.  We didn’t get any pictures at the actual Bar Mitzvah, but Ben did a great job.  Dean also got to participate by helping Charlie get the Torah out of a cabinet and do a parade with it (Cliff was also suppose to help, but fell asleep about 5 minutes into the event and if you know Cliff did not wake up for his part).

The next part of our adventure involved heading into downtown Seattle to do some tourist sightseeing and shopping.  We did the Underground Seattle tour.  For those of you who don’t know what this is: part of Seattle was built and then they decided for flooding reasons to cause an avalanche and raise the city level.  They did the streets first and waiting about seven years before building the sidewalks up, so there is this odd kind of underground city under the sidewalks.


Since this is the first time in years that Beth and all of her siblings were in one city, they decided to have an adult night out with all of the siblings.  We went out for dinner and then David found us an awesome pinball/arcade bar, “Shorty’s.”  We had a great time playing new games including a 4 player Pac-Man and Brent setting a high score in Pirates of the Caribbean.

On our trip we also visited the famed Pike’s Place market, home of the throwing fish market, the gum wall, the first Starbucks, and lots of really cool shops.  This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.  We spent almost all day here and had a great time.  We even found a cool art gallery and bought some original art to have shipped home.

One of our other favorite activities was taking the boys to their first major league baseball game.  We got to see the Marlins and the Rangers play and had a great experience.  The boys even got baseball cards and two batting practice balls from the kind people sitting around us.  Cliff and Dean loved seeing the game and loved their souvenir balls.

Upon arriving home (really late due to tornadoes in Dallas) we also got to celebrate Cliff’s last day of school.  Our big kid is now done with his second year of preschool at Canterbury and we are so proud of him.


And after such a fun and exciting week, we share the picture of Dean at the grocery store that accurate explains how we all feel now.