1/7/19 Shows and Stuff

07-01-2019 16:01

I have a little time this morning to catch up on things. My early pick from Randy Houser’s album (which is available on NPR First Listen) is “Whole Lotta Quit.”

The Rodeo Houston lineup has been announced, and has some huge names that I would like to see, if not for having to deal with such impossibly large crowds. I might fight through it, anyway, but some individual nights last year pulled in over 75,000 people.

The San Antonio Rodeo is next month, and since I live 50 miles away, and the nightly crowds are more like 16,500, this might be more my speed. We might see how we manage with one of these shows, before considering a trip to Houston the next month.

The Austin rodeo in March is smaller, but hasn’t announced the lineups yet.

Here’s a link to the Austin Chronicle’s music listings for January 12th. This is a typical off-season weekend in Austin, and there’s still 53 acts of every sort on a Saturday, and that doesn’t include a lot of San Marcos-New Braunfels.

Gruene Hall has a lot of music on the way. The Toy Hearts from the UK are passing through the area, so I might try to get free to pick up their show at Gruene. Dallas Moore and David Lee are doing a midweek show. I’ll have to check my brother’s schedule. I’ve seen Dallas a number of times, and he plans to have another record out later this year. David Lee is a really underappreciated songwriter, who has written many hits. David is also playing some shows at Devil’s Backbone Tavern. Colter Wall is playing Gruene next month, and also Austin. The first time I saw him was a couple of years ago at SXSW at the Yeti HQ. Here’s a look back at the lineup that day: Colter Wall, Whitney Rose, Jason Eady, Blank Range, and The Steel Woods. Not bad for an afternoon of free music, sitting on a padded Yeti cooler a few feet from the stage, eh ?

Kent Black’s BBQ in San Marcos is my go-to local spot. I eat there every week, and it’s a comfortable, laid-back place to settle in and listen to music. Big Cedar Fever is this weekend, and they’re nominated for an Ameripolitan award in western swing.

Cheatham Street has Chris Knight in a couple of weeks, and Rio Tripiano of Copper Chief is playing Wednesdays at Papa Jack’s in Kyle.

Whitewater Amphitheater is another venue I can get to on occasion. It holds under 5,000 people, but it’s the largest venue in the New Braunfels-San Marcos area, so we still get some big names.

A couple of Texas acts who play for thousands of people in Texas are playing in Alabama during the winter. The Druid City Music Hall in Tuscaloosa holds several hundred people, so this is a good opportunity for folks outside the Texas scene to see acts like Cody Johnson and Koe Wetzel without the massive crowds one would have to deal with in Texas.