Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

16-10-2018 15:10


Stopping Components are so important to an every day bicycle. So here are  a few little pointers for you to get to grips with.

  • Bedding In……

This is the process for preparing the disc brake pads to work in conjunction with the rotor (disc) ….. The process for this will progressively make your brakes work consistently better and the brake bites stronger with your brake lever responding instantly as the brake pads inside the caliper touch the disc rotor with an gradually stopping smoothly to a halt.

  • Biting Point

This Biting Point is when pulling the brake lever in and finding the contact between the brake pads and disc rotor and starts to make you slow down.

  • Brake Pad Material

Organic/Resin :-

These Brake pads are a soft compound of brake pad which creates less heat when braking and gives out less noise no matter what weather condition but will not last long in wet or harsher conditions.

Sintered :-

Sintered Pads are metallic with a copper plate and you’ll find that this combination increases the bite of the brake and the lifespan particularaly in wet conditions, they are a hotter brake pad and do become noisy in harsher conditions and depending on the Make and Model of your brake system this might irritate you a little.