Filthy Riches Extended Epilogue

20-03-2019 03:03

Extended Epilogue


It used to be, I secretly actually liked working at my ‘job.’ There were frustrations and complications, and cleaning up my father’s legacy was a pain in the ass.

But at some point, it became mine . . . my choice, my destiny, my future. And there was a magical period, in between Emma joining my life and my first wedding anniversary, where work was actually… fun.

I had Caleb by my side, my brother and I both finding some version of peace with our father’s passing and who he was. Caleb was still the free-wheeling road warrior, traipsing around the world and getting himself into the thick of the action. A headache whenever he was ‘back in the world,’ as we used to say as mercs… but a headache that I would never want to give up. Because besides being my brother, he loved going on ‘missions’ for the family business, and had become a damn good field leader in his own right. And though I’d never tell him, I missed him when he was gone and I worried about him out there without me to have his back.

I had Emma, filling my heart and my days in ways I’d never imagined. Once she was no longer restrained in her ambitions, she worked her ass off and finished up her Master’s, seemingly flying through the two years. And she did it all while working for Professor Ford and going on trips every break she got. Most women would want luxury, knowing that I could well afford it. But my Emma? She would beg me to take her to see old ruins and museums, smiling like I’d given her a great gift the whole time.

We were busy, we were sometimes learning as we went, and I’ll admit to plenty of mistakes.

But Caleb and Emma’s satisfaction with their life, with the work it took to see a mission through, inspired me to reframe my way of thinking about Stone Corp. Instead of it being an albatross Dad had slung around my neck as a final deathly punishment, it became something else altogether. And incrementally, work became fun. It became my company.

Now though, I can’t wait until the work day ends. I have a new love in my life, and as I click one last button, sending the day’s final e-mail to my office assistant, I lean back. Rubbing at the scruff on my face, I shuck away the mantle of professionalism, letting relaxation wash through my body.

My arms stretched behind my head and my eyes closed, I realize something. It’s quiet. Too quiet.

I don’t hear Grant working, but he’s pretty much a ninja half the time anyway. Emma though, she’s usually accompanied by the joyous sounds of why work’s become a bit of a distracting chore for me, our baby son Justin.

I strain my ears, listening for the tell-tale coos and cries, songs and sweetness that accompany them both so frequently.

I love my wife and my son, and I detest every moment that I’m not able to be with them. Justin’s barely walking, but I was there for his first steps, I was there for his first babbled words, and I’ve sworn I’m going to be there for every major moment in his life.

I didn’t have that and I know what that does to a boy. I won’t make that mistake.

“I promise,” I whisper to myself as I look across my desk and see the wedding picture of Emma that I keep there, looking so beautiful and demure in white… nobody but us knows she wasn’t wearing panties under her gown. I’m pretty sure Justin was technically conceived before the wedding, like minutes before my bride had walked down the aisle to meet me. She’d wanted a ‘first look’ moment with pictures and I hadn’t been able to stop myself from hiding her away for a few ‘last words’ that had involved me ripping her lacy white panties off and shoving the tatters in my pocket before thrusting into her slick heat. My bride had married me already marked inside and out with our love.

Love that had brought Justin a mere nine months later I think, looking at the next picture lined up across my desk. “I’ll be there for everything,” I vow, tracing a finger along the soft roundness of his head and wishing I was holding him in my arms for real right now.

“Everything what?” a quiet voice asks from the door to my office, and I look up to see Emma, a light tank top on, her legs clad in a loose, flowy skirt. I’d asked her once if she wore them just to tempt me into flipping it over her ass, easy access style. She’d playfully hit my chest, and told me that she liked the loose skirts because they’re ‘super comfy, like crotchless yoga pants’. She’d even done a wild kick to show the freedom of movement the skirt gave her, but I’d been stuck on crotchless and had flipped that skirt over her ass that instant. I consider doing it again now, but answer her question first.

“Just reminding myself that I have to learn to play baseball. I figure Justin will need a t-ball coach in a few years,” I joke, getting up and taking my wife by the hands. “You look gorgeous,” I tell her, letting my dirty thoughts tint the compliment.

“Thank you. Grant’s keeping an eye on Justin, he’s sleeping right now.” There’s answering heat in the seemingly innocent statement. But her voice softens, “You know, I think Grant considers himself grandpa. Grandpa Grant, or . . . I know, GG. That’s what Justin should call him.” She smiles like it’s a question, but I know she’s already decided.

I pull Emma close, not letting her off the hook from the sparks that are igniting, but grinning at her excitement. “Well, that makes two of us. Justin could do worse than his GG.”

We kiss softly, and I’m again enchanted by the plump lips that I’ve nibbled on tens of thousands of times over the past four years. She wraps her arms around my neck, and between my legs I feel my cock thicken, a rise that Emma’s always been able to get out of me.

“Mmmm… before that,” she says, stepping back, “I got a phone call.”

“Oh?” I ask, my half hard cock aching in my dress slacks. I might be a dad, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready for dad clothes and dad bod just yet. “Claire?” I ask, knowing Emma worries about her sister as much as I worry about my brother.

“Nope. Carly,” Emma says with a grin. “She and Kyle want to stay for a week.”

“A week?” I ask, not upset but surprised. Since using his skills and a little assistance from Stone Corp to make a few introductions, he and Carly have made quite a comfortable life for themselves in the realm of corporate security. In fact, I just saw him in a TMZ picture, working as event security at the United Nations. “Of course, but why are you grinning?”

Emma laughs, pushing me back to my desk chair and having me sit down. “Oh… girl gab. It seems that Carly thinks this house is lucky.”

“Lucky?” I ask, and Emma nods. “What do you mean?”

“Well, it seems that Carly did some math,” Emma explains, “and she’s pretty sure that Susannah was conceived in this house when she came to help me with wedding plans and Kyle tagged along. And they’ve thought about having another baby, sooooo….” She holds her hand up, fingers crossed for her friend.

“I could’ve done without that bit of knowledge,” I tell her, though an idea that’s been rooting in my mind blooms fully in that moment.

Emma grins, and puts her arms around my neck. “I can read your mind, my sexy husband. And you’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking.”

“That maybe we look at having another baby too?” I ask, and Emma nods. “I know Justin is still young, but I want him to have a sibling like I had Caleb. I’ve been thinking about it, but-”

“But I’m fine, my body feels good… and you’re the world’s best father,” Emma promises me. Decision made, she lets go of my neck, turning to bend over my desk. “So, Mr. Stone… I was wondering-”

She doesn’t even get the words out before I’ve pulled her skirt up, squeezing the twin globes of her ass. I pull down her thong and kiss the soft skin, making her gasp. “Mmm…”

Wanting more of her moans, I lick her pussy, knowing it’ll draw the sounds from her throat to surround me. She’s spicy, fragrant and I drag my tongue deeply between her lips, scooping out her delicious slickness to drink her down.

The flavor, the sounds… in moments my cock is rock hard and I stand up, undoing my pants and letting my throbbing hardness out. “Turn over, kitty.”

Emma turns over, hiking her skirt up and pulling off her tank top, her pussy gleaming for me as she spreads her knees wide on the top of my desk. “You know what that does to me,” she pants, already needy.

“What?” I ask as I rub the head of my dick between her warm, wet folds, though I already know exactly what she’s talking about. “You like it when I call you kitty? Want me to make you purr?”

I sheathe myself balls deep inside her on the last word and Emma cries out, “Yesss–” It’s more of hiss than a purr, but I know it means I’m making her feel good.

I groan, grinding deep inside her. She’s amazing, my wife, my love… my soul.

I’m blessed to have her in my life, and as I pull back, I reach up, cupping a breast and lowering my lips, sucking tenderly.

I thrust into her, sexy and natural. Releasing her tit, I kiss up to her mouth as I fuck her deeply and slowly, not rushing even if she’s perched precariously on my desk. I’ve got her, safe and secure, pinned to the wood with my cock.

“God you’re amazing,” Emma mewls as our hips meet. “You could have gone hard, but-”

“But I’m giving my wife what she wants, and taking what I need,” I whisper, nibbling on her earlobe. We rise together, my hips guided by how hard she’s squeezing me until she grows impossibly tighter. I speed up, planting my hands on my desk blotter as I stare into her eyes, our hearts falling into that perfect synch that we’ve had and will always have forever.

“Nathan… yes yes yes yes!” Emma cries out as she comes on my cock, her pussy’s grip pulsing like a vise. It triggers my own orgasm and I cry out, hammering her hard four times so quickly they feel like one long stroke. I hold deep inside her, rope after rope of my seed filling her body until I feel like my balls are totally drained.

I go to pull out, but Emma wraps her legs around me, keeping me tight inside her as we kiss slowly and soulfully, our bodies pressed together.

“I love you, Nathan. Now and forever.”

“I love you, Emma,” I reply, cupping her face.

She grins at me. “Rest up, big boy… because I’m wanting another deep dose tonight, and tomorrow, and every day until we get this mission accomplished.” She giggles softly at her own joke, and I feel it through her body as she constricts around me.

The tightness brings my softening cock back to full attention inside her and I make a few shallow thrusts. “Tonight? Why wait when we can get you so full of cum you can’t even hold it all right now? Seems like that’d increase our odds of a successful mission.” I tease back with her word play, but I’m already fucking her again.

Already thinking of her belly round as she grows our child, expands our family, makes me into the Dad I never thought I’d be.

* * *

The sun’s bright in the sky, warm rays soaking into my shoulders as I watch Justin toddle around in the backyard grass. There are times I’ve thought of selling the old house, not needing the fancy show my dad always enjoyed. But then I see Justin enjoying the yard and know that one day soon, he’ll be big enough to truly explore the grounds. And I realize I love this place.

Once upon a time, my parents bought it to be a family home, with hopes and dreams probably similar to my own. They might not have come true for them, for me and Caleb, but I can rewrite that ending for the house. Give it the family it deserves.

I guess there were benefits to what my father did after all.

I hear Carly and Kyle arrive long before Grant can announce them, Carly’s excited squeal penetrating the air a good ten seconds before Grant leads them into the back area.

“Carly, good to see you,” I say, waving off Grant’s formal introductions as she launches herself at me. She latches around my neck, hugging tightly and I use her momentum to spin her in a circle. “I see you’re still working on your takedowns.”

“Oh shut up you big ogre, it’s just good to see you again!” Carly says, rubbing my hair to make it stand up every which way, just like the sister I never wanted. “Where’s Emma?”

“Upstairs, but-” I start, but Carly’s seen Justin, and she’s already scooping him up, tickling him. Kyle comes over, his baby backpack secure on his massive back, Susannah napping quietly with her cheek pressed adorably to Kyle’s shoulder. We shake, and I smile. “You’re looking good, Kyle. Life good?”

“Very,” Kyle says, blushing a little. “Ah, did Emma tell you about our visit-”

“We’re family,” I reply simply, and Kyle stops, frozen except for a slow blink. A long second later, his face softens a bit before he recovers and nods once. And it’s true, we are family. I think of it this way. I have two brothers, Caleb by blood, and Kyle’s sort of a brother in law.

A new, more familiar squeal comes from the house, and we all look up to see Emma, her head sticking out the window to our master suite, waving down. “Carly! Hey babe!”

“Hey!” Carly waves back, setting Justin down thankfully. He giggles, but is soon distracted by a ladybug flying by and wanders away from his ‘Aunt Carly.’ “Thanks for having us!”

“Yeah well, you may change your tune after this!” Emma says, shooting finger guns at Carly. “We beat ya!”

I tilt my head, confused, and Emma laughs, tossing something to me. I catch it, and blink as I realize what it is… a pregnancy test.

“Really?” I ask, and Emma nods.

“Really!” I repeat, this time not a question, reality beginning to sink in and joy popping like fireworks in my soul.

“You’re gonna be a daddy, Daddy!” Emma yells, and I look up to the window, where my heart smiles back at me.

I glance back to see Carly’s mouth wide open in an ‘O’ while Kyle rests his hand on her shoulder. “Hey, welcome guys, but I gotta go . . .” I point to the house.

Kyle’s deep chuckle draws my attention, “Go. We’ve got Justin. Trade you back babysitting time later. Seems we’ve got some catching up to do.”

I don’t need to be told twice. I bolt for the house, for the stairs, for Emma, for our ever-expanding family. Once, I’d thought it was me and Caleb against the world. Now, I’ve got so much more and it’s all because of the woman behind these double doors.

I bust through them to see her sitting criss-cross in the middle of our bed. “What took you so long?” she asks, the corners of her smile almost reaching her ears.

I tackle her softly, lying her back on the bed and going in for a kiss. But not to her mouth, instead I push her shirt up and press my lips to her belly. “Hi baby, I’m your Daddy.” I know our new little one can’t hear me, but I’m going to be the best dad I can be from moment one. My eyes burn as I look up Emma’s body to meet her eyes, also glossy with happy tears. “Thank you. For everything.”