15 Twin Baby Must-Haves!

11-02-2019 01:02

So you’ve found out you’re having twins! Congratulations! Wait, but HOLY COW!!

T W I N S !!!

How freaked out are you? How freaked out is your spouse??

Okay, so probably not everyone is totally freaked out after finding out two buns are in the oven, but we sure were! Having three kids already, twins was a LOT to add to our plate. I mean, my husband didn’t say anything to me for two weeks except, “Twins..” He was shocked. I was in shock. The doctor laughed and cried with me throughout my entire twin pregnancy. What. A. Whirlwind. Go back to this post and see how we felt about twins, lol.

We’re rounded out on ten months old with our boy/girl babies now, so I thought I’d share some absolute must-have’s & kind of detailed reasons why. These are things that we used every single day in the early days and even though they may not need some particular items anymore, they’re totally helpful in your new adventure as a Twin Parent.

    • A good breast pump if you decide to breastfeed. Hands down my favorite pump was my Specta S2. It got the job done well, quietly and efficiently PLUS it has a built in nightlight. I could pump 8-10 oz on both sides in a 5 minute window! Wowza. I was basically a dairy cow. I got mine from Aeroflow Breast Pumps, they’re a company that helps you get your pump through your insurance company and they make it so simple! I’ve had two Medela Pump-in-Styles {which are still great and I used one as my “work” pump and also because it had a car adaptor, but it’s not as quick and quiet as the Spectra.} The Spectra S2 is different from the Spectra S1 in that it’s a different color and the S1 has a battery pack so it does not always have to be plugged in.
    • Twin Z Pillow. OMG. This pillow is a double-boppy style and it buckles at the bottom so the babies don’t slip through. I side-car’d my crib to my side of the bed and the twins stayed on this pillow for about 3 months. Not non-stop or unattended, duh, but it was how they were most comfortable. I got mine from an amazing twin mama friend who passed it down and I’m about to pass mine along to another twin mama! Join some twin groups if you’re on Facebook and you may find one for a great price or paid forward to you!
    • Halo Sleep Sacks. I had totally forgotten about these until I found this picture! They were Life Savers during our first few months! You can let them keep both or one arm out or snuggle them in all the way.
    • Double Infant Carseat Frame. Nobody has time to be toting around two infant carseats all the time. I have this frame to use with my Graco Carseats and it is lightweight and helps you to get your twinsies around easily. Mine straps across the seats rather than snaps in, so be sure to look at the description before you order! It is pretty long, so sometimes it’s a tight fit in doctors offices and over-stuffed department stores, but otherwise it was a lifesaver. My 3 older boys {older, HA! They were 2, 3, and 7 when the twins were born!} have a little “handle” that I made out of paracord and clip wherever I want them to stand, but you could get Dollar Tree dog collars and tell your walking kiddos to hold their handle when you’re walking places. This, too, was a hand-me-down from my amazing twin mama friend, and they’re sometimes on the BST sites on Facebook!
    • A comfortable babywearing contraption. I’ve got lots of recommendations on this! I love my Bibbett’s Linen Ring Sling from Etsy, it’s lightweight, super buttery soft, perfect for hot climates, and fits easily in a diaper bag. My Tula Ergonomic Carriers have been second favorites. I have two standard ones and one toddler one; I linked the least expensive one I’ve found brand new but Target and 5 Minute Recess and other online stores have tons of different design and color options. Then there’s my Soul Sling Onbuhimo {and other styles} that is very comfortable and less intimidating than a traditional woven wrap and soooooo much more comfortable than the Infantino Mei Tai. I also love the Fidella brand of Onbuhimo wraps, their fabric is amazingly soft. I’ve also seen amazing reviews on the Twingo Carrier but I never got one for myself. Babywearing on a Budget is a great $100 and under BST page on Facebook!
    • Kickee Pants Swaddle Blankets. Okay, so these aren’t absolutely 100% necessary, but they’re absolutely smooshy soft and your twins will thank you. There are soooo many different color schemes and patterns that coordinating your babies will be so fun! We have 3 for each baby and we still use them daily. Copper Pearl is a second favorite, and is about half the size of a twin flat sheet… HUGE! (This photo was at the lake & somebody was beside them at all times).
    • Bottles. Okay, okay that’s obvious! But, my biggest suggestion is to try something simple and see if it works. Don’t open all the bottles you want your babies to use, because they may not like them. My twins didn’t like the Spectra bottles, so we went to these Phillips Avent ones and to this day only have 2 9oz ones and 2 4oz ones. Having had a twin in the NICU, he had to adjust to nursing and these were perfect for him. My girl baby, however, was having some gas issues so I got this Tommee Tippee one and it made a massive difference! The other thing my babies LOVED was the Kiinde System. This system is amazing and I’m sad I didn’t try it sooner! You pump directly into the bag, freeze the bag, warm the bag, pop it into the bottle frame, snap the nipple on top and feed baby with very little trapped air! You can also attach the ring (what you attach to the pump to pump into other bottles) to the bag and use whatever nipple your baby takes! GENIUS!
    • Carseat Bottle Holders. My mama got us some silicone ones, but I couldn’t find them online! I had these BooginHead straps for my last two babies, so I knew my twins would need them as soon as they started throwing bottles out of their seats! The straps don’t hold the bottles for support, but once your babies can hold their own bottles you’ll want these! My babies throw their bottles out of their carseats as soon as it’s empty and this eliminates the finding a bottle under the seat six days later nightmare. [Nightmare because 1. You’ll have to toss that bottle probably, lol. 2. It’s really disgusting finding an old bottle!]
    • Cribs. Again, duh! Well, maybe duh?! My first three boys didn’t really sleep in cribs. We co-slept. But with the twins, I needed them to have their own safe space from my boys. Since we move often and didn’t plan to fix up a gorgeous Pinterest worthy nursery, these simple cribs for under $100 were perfect and come in different colors! Well, they were $98 back when we got one from two friends who bought one for the babies! I got a second one to match the first recently from Walmart.com for under $95! Super easy to leave one side off to side-car to your bed and become a toddler bed one day. I put them together by myself while pregnant and with 5 kids running around!
    • Haaka Silicone Hand Pump. This pump is absolutely amazing. It provides negative pressure on the opposite breast you’re feeding from. You’ll be able to catch all the milkflow you’ve got when you’re only nursing one baby. My sister was able to use this style pump to donate nearly 800oz of her breastmilk before her baby was 8 weeks old!
    • A Floor Seat. This one is the best little seat I’ve ever found! It was only around $20 when I bought one for the babies, but I got a second one the next day at a thrift store for $10!
    • Two High Chairs. This is one of the few major items you’ll need two of! I had a little high chair that fits into a dining chair similar to this one. My mama got us the Ikea High Chair for Christmas so we’d have a second chair, and I HIGHLY recommend having 2 of them! They’re wayyy more expensive on Amazon, so I’d suggest ordering directly from Ikea. Especially if you have a small living space. These chairs are inexpensive, easy to put together and easy to clean. You can also get a cute vinyl name made to put on the backs of each chair for your sweet twinsies.
    • Gauze Baby Towels & WashclothsA precious couple friends of mine ordered these off of my Amazon Baby Registry and we adore them They’re so soft and warm! Nothing like ordinary baby towels! We only have one of each big towel and a set of washcloths. We also were gifted massive MudPie baby towel & washcloth sets that are amazing!! They’ll last several years for sure!
    • Baby Bath Sling. You’ll more than likely only be bathing one baby at a time unless your tub is huge and your spouse or another person helps you. We loved this sling because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take a lot of space to store. Tubs are huge, you’re already doubling a lot of things for TWO babies… we also had the flower that fit in a sink and all it seemed to do was soak up allllll the water then take days to dry. Never again. I like to shower with my babies so I felt comfortable putting one at the foot of the tub in their bath sling then turning around and bathing the other one after.
    • Carseat Covers. You will not regret this! There are a lot of 2 Packs on Amazon so look around. I got a floral/cactus combo for my girl/boy twins. Everybody and their mama swoons over twins and want to get all in their personal space!! It’s unnerving at times. Keep your sweet babies space safe by covering them! If people want to see them, they’re not as likely to touch the baby if they’re covered [or being worn by the mama.] Even if it’s summertime, keep your baby protected from all the germs of strangers who WANT TO TOUCH THE TWINS! Lol.
    • B O N U S : Last but not least, non-toxic products! Nothing irks my nerves more than knowing that our baby items are full of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. I’ve used Young Living products for nearly five years now and am 110% pleased with my choice for non-toxic baby items. There is a Seedlings Baby Line which includes Lavender infused baby wipes, Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, Baby Wash, Diaper Rash Cream… those are all amazing and smell so wonderful! Personally, I mostly use the Lavender Hand & Body Lotion and a L O T of Rose Ointment for my babies delicate skin. Peace & Calming was just reintroduced in the Starter Kit and this is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for a new baby! It kept my babies so calm. A Desert Mist Diffuser for the P&C with the candlelight flicker setting is perfect for middle of the night feedings. Valor for all the mama-emotions, this is the “courage in a bottle” oil. Frankincense to ground your emotions and introduce your sweet littles into the world. Panaway for your lower back because you’re going to be holding your sweet littles all the time and it takes a while to get back in the groove of what “normal” feels like. Lemon eo for your water because you’re so thirsty breastfeeding two sweet squishy nurslings. Lavender because it’s the Swiss Army Knife of motherhood, it saves the day all the time! When in doubt, use Lavender! Thieves because So. Many. Germs. You won’t want your delicate infants growing up getting sick all the time. Citrus Fresh because it can pull you out of a slump when your babies keep you up all night. Stress Away because OMG it is what it is… having new twins or even having toddler twins — shoot, having twins at all is stressful! Stress Away helps everyone involved! Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier you’ll definitely want because after you swat germy strangers out of your babe’s bubble’s you’ll want to quickly sanitize your hands!! You’ll absolutely want to be armed with NingXia Red since it’s full of antioxidants. Aint no mama got time to be sick with TWO babies!! Raven will be used mostly when your hubs comes home from work complaining about the “tickle in his throat,” {insert eye roll here} you’ll send him straight to the shower and make a little DIY steamer of baking soda and Raven eo to put in the floor of the shower! Lastly, baby doesn’t need Peppermint unless it’s extra diluted with coconut oil AND you’ll want to avoid it if possible while breastfeeding {Peppermint can have a “drying up affect} but it’s amazing in ice water and it’s good to help dry up your milk if you choose to not nurse the bambinos anymore. Gentle Baby because it’s absolutely heavenly and soothes the grumpiest of babes. Use my referral link to get a fun Welcome Kit from me in the mail!
    • You definitely want the kit that comes with all of these oils for your sweet littles!

So there you have it, my absolute top 15 must-have items for infant twins! Let me know in the comments if there was anything else you absolutely had to have (or still need) for your twins!

Have a great day! -Megan!

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