Where’s my Bed and What’s Breakfast?

25-04-2019 17:04

Well I’ve had quite an Autumn/Winter and Spring of gadding about I feel like an itinerant. It is a case of wherever my mummies lay my bed that’s my home.

After getting off the big noisy boat that smells where I have to stay in the car with all the alarms going off all night, we had a few nights with Karen & Carolyn before we went to stay in Yorkshire with Justine and Caroline. I love it there as they live on a small farm with it’s own wood. That means there are lots and lots of sniffs and pheasants and rabbits for me to chase. There is also lots of Sheep poo for me to feast on. I also have a special bean bag they keep for me in the lounge and I sneak up there at night. They did some wood chopping as they always do when we are there whilst I sniffed around in the fields. This time they also fitted a chimney onto a outside bedroom at the top of the fields and we had a fire and bbq up there. It was good because I got all the spill its and drop its.

Then we went down to Wales to stay with Carrie and Mike who live in an enormous house which they are doing lots of building work on to make into a hotel. I don’t go up stairs to where all the banging and scary whirring noises are, their dog Lola does and she barks at the noisy machines. Lola wants to play with me ALLLLL the time as she is but a pup, I am now quite mature so I’m not into all that chasing around like a loon all the time, I’m way above all that. She barks at me loads when we are out for walks which are very nice walks by the river. I had a great adventure up a mountain with Yvonne whilst Julie had a big bonfire that Yvonne could see and I could smell from the top of the mountain.

After that we went to Julie and Emma’s to look after Milly, Theo and Sparky, they are cats (that is Milly, Theo and Sparky not Julie and Emma) I like it there too as they have a big garden I can wander around and look for my favourite treats (cat parcels). We also usually go to the beach whilst we are there as it is not too far. It was quite relaxed there with no hard labour but we did have a day at Tony and Judith’s( they are my sister Lucy parents.) When we are there I try and hide from Lucy, who wants to play all the time, whilst the humans, chop wood & build enormous log sheds. We go there quite often and there is always some construction or woody things going on.


Then in November I actually got to sleep at home mostly for 6 weeks, I got toys I’d forgotten I had. Oh we did have another week in Wales with Carrie, Mike and Lola to help out, I looked after Lola whilst the humans worked away in the noisy part of the house. Whenever they emerged they looked quite dirty and were very tired, much wine crisps and chocolate were consumed, they said it was to ease the pain! Mike did sneak me the odd treat, I think he appreciated my keeping Lola company.

At Christmas we had 2 whole weeks in Scotland in a house next to the sea in Gairloch with Justine and Caroline. We had lots of lovely walks in the mountains and hills and along the coast. We even met Mark up there for a day or two, there are always big adventures when Mark appears so I was happy. There were grouse and all sorts for me to sniff and chase, even a few deer. On Christmas day I got lots of presents and I even got to eat local venison, the others had it for 3 days! Not sure why I couldn’t have it 3 days in a row, I think that is doggy neglect or dogism or something. Is there a free phone Helpline number I can ring to report it?


Soon after we got back then I went to stay with my mate Dylan and Charlotte and their mummy Lisa. He’s a golden retriever, Charlotte’s a human (well she smells like one anyway). My Mummies deserted me and went skiing. I think that was so unfair as I do love snow and I’m very good at sledging. (again does anyone know what that helpline number is?) It was good staying with Dylan though, because he isn’t as hungry as me and often doesn’t eat his dinner very fast which means if I’m quick about it I can sneak in and snaffle up his dinner after mine. I got to a healthy 12.2kg from my normal 11kg in the 3 weeks I was there.

As soon as we left there we went to stay at Carolyn and Karen’s in Bury St Edmunds to look after Marmite (yet another Cat that’s supposed to be scared of ME!) whilst K & C went to New Zealand. We were there 2 MONTHS that’s the longest we’ve slept in the same place in my whole life and that is 6 ½ years! I liked it there to start with as I could wander around their big garden sniffing things out. Yvonne stopped letting me go in the garden unsupervised after she realized why I was enjoying sniffing around so much. I think I gave it away by licking my lips so much and didn’t come in when she called. (well I do love cat parcels). We had some lovely walks when we stayed there. Also whilst we were there my friends Lilly and Jess moved in a few  wee’s away so I got to see them often too. They also live with a cat, it’s called Chrissie, I call it devil cat. You only have to breath near her and she tells you off or flashes her claws at you. I’m terrified of her. All these other cats just pretend to be scared of me to get more treats and fuss. Marmite used to hide upstairs when I visited but after a few weeks of being there she would come down stairs and give me the stare.. I shot off to me bed right quick incase she turned into a Chrissie. She gave me the stare so I wouldn’t eat her Whiskers.


The day after K & C got back we went back down to Wales to see Lola. The humans spent all their time looking for screw drivers and Stanley knives and lots of furniture was growing out of cardboard boxes in the dining room. The humans were just as tired at night as the last time we visited but not at all dirty now and there was much less noise coming from up the stairs so I think Plas Penaeldroch Manor Hotel will be open soon (https://www.penaeldroch.co.uk) They say it WILL be dog friendly, I thought they were pretty friendly to me already. (Shameless plug)


Lola, Yvonne and me

We were only back at home for 2 nights before we went over to look after Milly, Theo and Sparky again for a week. And now we are at home. Mum’s say that we are staying here until we go back to Finland. We are selling the house and are going to move. I hope we are going to move near the sea but nothings certain yet. They are talking about Suffolk but they haven’t had any offers yet.



One thing that has caused me a lot of distress this winter is Breakfast, all the humans can talk about is Breakfast. It is very unfair when I am still on a diet. (Cat parcels might have something to do with me keeping the weight I put on at Dylan’s.) Anyway they keep talking about Hard Breakfast (is that just dried biscuits like I have now?), Soft Breakfast (is that like the tripe that Dylan has?) and no breakfast (is that what will happen if I keeping finding cat parcels) Then there’s the no deal breakfast (that one really has me stumped as my breakfast is never on a 2 for 1 deal or anything). Well there is no wonder I am hungry all the time. Yvonne & Julie say it’s because of Breakfast that we have not yet gone to Finland.

Now they say there is a delayed breakfast we can go and they have booked the tickets today and we are leaving on 18thMay ( I hope the delay in my breakfast is not that long, I really will need that free phone helpline). We will be out there until the end of August, house sale and Breakfast allowing. Any people who know us  and want to join the adventure in the Finnish Archipelago this summer please get in touch by the usual channels.( apart from weeing on a lamppost Yvonne and Julie don’t check their lampposts very often)