Nintendo’s Stock Falls After Animal Crossing Delay, And Lack Of New Switch Hardware Or Cloud-Streaming Reveals

12-06-2019 23:06

While Nintendo may have taken home the crown with their insane E3 2019 reveals, not everyone was cheering for the company that prioritizes fun gaming experiences.

Recently, financial data shows that Nintendo’s stock took a small dive of about 3.53%, around a day after the Direct. According to several investors, they were not happy with Nintendo delaying Animal Crossing: New Horizons to 2020 – despite the delay helping to reduce developer crunch time. Also, many investors felt disappointed by the lack of reveals for new Switch hardware or cloud-streaming services, despite Nintendo stating beforehand that E3 2019 would only be about games.

These same investors also seemed unexcited by Nintendo’s surprise Breath of the Wild sequel reveal, or Banjo-Kazooie joining Smash. As usual, they always seem to be way out of touch with what gamers actually crave from the beloved videogames company.

We’ll report back if and when Nintendo’s financial situation dips back up. Stay tuned.