Dem’s Abandoning the ‘Rule of Law’ is What’s Killing America!

25-06-2019 13:06

According to Democrats who claim ‘Executive Privilege’ is unconstitutional, criminal, or at best treasonous, think that ‘Double Jeopardy,’ as long as it pertains to Republicans and those ‘Deplorable’ Trump supporters is justifiable! Dems have a way of making the Law as written by our founder’s and legislated by our ‘Past’ Immigrant legislatures are optional, and that those officials who are sent to Washington were elected by ‘Immigrant’s,’ which means laws pertain to all immigrants no matter legal or not! So how does the 3rd in line to be President should something happen to both President Trump and Vice President Pence, be permitted to continue in a leadership role when she has proven time and time over that she has no clue what she’s doing or saying when it comes to the ‘Rule of Law?’

Delusional Nancy Made A Really Dumb Statement About Immigration Practices

“When I saw that the president was going to have these raids—I mean it was so appalling; it’s outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families, and the rest of that, in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border,” Pelosi said. “We have legislation to go forward to address those needs, but in terms of interior enforcement, what’s the – what’s the point?”

According to Pelosi “a violation of status is not a reason for deportation.”

This woman is running the House of Representatives. She’s the third in line to take control of our country, should things go really, really south. And she doesn’t understand that breaking an immigration law is reason for deportation?

Is she serious? 

It’s really not that complex or hard to understand. We have immigration laws. Our immigration laws say people who want to live and reside in the United States need permission to come to our nation. They need to fill out paperwork, pay a fee, go through the interview process and prove themselves worthy of becoming American citizens. We have a right to know who is coming to our country and why. We have a vested interest in who decides to come here. It’s a matter of national security. 

This is the new Democratic Party, this is what lawlessness and treason looks like, and the reason why it’s not the Russians colluding with the Trump Campaign but the Dems trying to steal another piece of the truth away from the American people! If there is anyone that doubts what’s going on here than just remember that there is no mention of Political Parties in the Constitution, but there are many ‘mentions’ of the Constitutional authorization given the President of the United States of America to protect and defend America’s sovereignty and keep the American people safe!

After the findings of the Mueller Investigation, or should I say ‘witch hunt’ as President Trump has nick named it, I would have to believe that the only one’s that still believe that this made up attempt to cover-up, or should I say intentionally ignore, should be a good enough reason to drain the ‘Swamp’ in the 2020!

By having no ‘Term Limits’ in place these barnacles Congress people who’s ass prints are forever etched into the seats of Congress, have had too much time to build a power base of outsider interests who don’t have America’s best interests at heart! How does a duly elected President of the United States start out the beginning of his first term apologizing for the country to world, and then declare that same country not exceptional? How is it possible that the Mainstream Media, the leadership of America’s most respected INTEL and National Security Agency’s Leadership has been able to consciously and systematically set out to not only ignore their oath of office in favor of greed and power, but successfully eliminate the ‘Checks and Balances’ that our founder’s incorporated into the Constitution so that what’s been happening in this country can’t happen, but happening just the same!

Due to the lack of ‘Term Limits’ and the passage of ‘Citizens United,’ our elected officials, no matter what side of the aisle they hail from, have gone into to business for themselves while abandoning their sworn to responsibilities to protect and defend the Constitutions, but guess what, there’s no money or power when it comes to following the letter of the law or our founder’s hum drum Constitution with its ‘Chicks and Balances!’

To think that the ‘Russian Dossier’ that was financed by the DNC and Hillary Clinton and rolled out within 24 hours of her loss to the now President Trump is something that Mueller’s ‘who’s who’ team of ‘Never Trumpers’ wouldn’t give the time of day to even look into is something that should be concerning to every American who has an ounce of common sense!

Take comfort in knowing though that President Trump’s New and improved Constitutionally minded Justice Department’s leader AG Barr, with the help of the Dem’s ‘Deep Stater’ Rod Rosenstein who not only launched the Mueller ‘witch hunt’s’ mission to find a crime instead of investigating one, but turned out to be the one carrying the major load when coming up with the final conclusions on whether or not an obstruction indictment was called for!

The use of the blatant ‘Double Standard’ has been the Dem’s calling card over the last two years, and everything to do with attempting to impress their new base of illegal immigrants who don’t really don’t understand all that much English! Key terms and phrases like ‘Protecting our Democracy’, ‘Defending the Constitution,’ ‘Letting the American People see the Truth,’ and of course ‘Impeach President Trump’ are the few sound bites that are etched into these illegals minds that makes them think that they’re contributing to America’s future, and that voting illegally in exchange for their shot at the American Dream will in the long run pay off!

What these illegals don’t understand is that they are being lied to and that what they’re really voting for is to secure the same Socialist ‘Hell’ that has failed every country it’s been tested and what they’ve all left behind! They’re in search of exactly what our founding father were searching for, and that’s to either find  a country where an individual can fulfill his or hers individual dreams, or like our founders did, create a land where those same individual dreams, and not the people in power, could be the objective of their vision for a new land! There is one thing that all illegals coming to America should know, and that’s our founder’s came to an undeveloped land and building a civilization out of nothing, which can’t be compared to coming to America today in a post-Industrial nation and signing up for benefits!

We know that in order for a country to be built on individual rights and freedoms that our children need to have complete access to what’s becomes taboo in today’s Liberal educational system, and that’s Conservative Values and/or Capitalism, and even though they were the bread and butter in my time and what made America great, has become the target of the ‘Left’ that’s made this country ‘hate’ by using political correctness and Identity politics to divide this country!

While President Trump is trying to make America Great again our teachers and professors are teaching tomorrow’s leaders without including the option of Conservatism and Capitalism which is what made America great! These two things are inherently parallel to the right that our founders Constitution guarantee, and what the ‘Deep State’ is at work to eliminate! The Dem’s game seems to be about losing America’s exceptionalism in exchange for ‘One size fits all’ where everybody is not only the same, but lives within the guidelines that will come with the ‘New World Order’ that has been on the drawing board way before President Trump came down that escalator to announce his run for the Presidency, and probably why he came down that escalator to begin with because of his ‘Billionaire’ insider status where in order to succeed in Business he had to play both sides of the aisle or lose half of his potential business!

Candidate Trump has been watching since the 1990’s when the ‘Swamp,’ without mentioning it to the American people, committed to the United Nations long term inspired Agenda 21, and for the past 4 Administration’s they have been gradually, without informing the American people that there is the possibility that the American people would have to give up those Constitutional Guaranteed rights in order to satisfy the 7.7 Billion other people of the world that’s never experienced the same!

Wouldn’t you think that leading the world in a campaign to teach and train the people of other nations to understand how Conservative Values and the basics of Capitalism benefits society, and is what has propelled America forward for hundreds of years! Wouldn’t you think that the world leaders would rather elevate their people to want to strive for self-determination and guaranteed individual rights, freedoms, and liberties instead of corralling the masses into categories based on religion, nationality, sexual preference, and every other reason you can think of to divide instead of bringing the world together as one?

A life of Socialist dependency and  government programs compared to being given an opportunity to pick and choose your destiny without government mandating and regulating your life endlessly and under the thumb of ‘Government’ control in every aspect of every citizens life!

That ‘Double Standard’ that we talked about earlier has to do with a conscious decision by the worlds leadership to either raise the standard level of their people’s lives by following in the footsteps of what’s made America great and most envied country in the world, or to lower America’s standards to those of these Socialist nations who’ve been gutted economically by today’s Socialist version of a ‘Civil War Carpetbagger’ who came in after the war, like Obama did after 9/11, and ideologically try and steer the people thru fear of it happening again some day, away from what’s worked for America ideologically for the past 240 years!

Every Democrat whose added their name to the list of possible Presidential candidates for 2020 are all ready spending the ‘American’ taxpayer’s dollars before it is even collected, and spending it on those promises they’re making to these illegals while putting the American Citizens needs on the back burner! Socialism by voter fraud and an agenda of ‘Free,’ which they’ve done numerous times before,which they’ve never come to fruition before, which has also happened numerous times before!

With a ‘Paid to Report’ ‘Deep State’ Mainstream Media, the corrupt leadership of the FBI, DOJ, and CIA, and neither side of the aisle doing anything about the crisis at our Southern Border, and doing it without any regrets! By ignoring the American people’s requests to secure our borders suggests that there is no interest in the number of illegals that are being bused around the country to predetermined voting districts where the same elected officials will look the other way while they vote for the same Socialist existence they left behind! Wouldn’t you think that the number one priority would be some kind of FEDERAL Mandatory Voter ID Law? The truth is that there is not one being worked on to protect America’s Sovereignty and it’s not even brought up in any discussion I’ve seen or heard about! My only conclusion is that stuffing the ballot box with illegal votes has met the approval of both sides of the aisle!

The Dems keep insisting that we are a land based on immigrants, and that the American taxpayer should be responsible financially for all the needs of illegals over the needs and safety of America’s own impoverished, homeless, and in needy citizens. There is one huge distinction though between today’s immigrants and past generation’s immigrants who are the ones responsible for the laws that were already on the books before Obama took his famous ‘Pen and Phone’ and did away with what made this country what it was before Obama!

The Obama Administration’s mission was to take a path of lawlessness in a country that has always been a nation built on those same Constitutional laws that Obama and company decided are no longer needed to be followed because it’s no longer about America, but what’s best for the world!  

We now know this because of a couple of obvious stones that the Mueller Investigation failed to look under, or should I say refused to turn over. First, we have the failure to release the 2nd version of the Rosenstein’s new or adjusted Scope of the investigation, because of the number of redactions, not being fully known by the American People, or more importantly by the Senate Oversight committee who had requested to see it!

Secondly, we had the ‘Deep State’s’ leadership of the FBI, DOJ, and CIA exposed for their corruption and the unanswered questions about what started the Mueller Investigation and how the DNC and Hillary financed unverified Russian Dossier was used, and who signed it because this is the single most important piece of evidence that was used to secure a FISA Warrant to spy on American Citizens! Now as big as you might think the Mueller Report would have to be a large portion of its findings, the Mueller Investigation gave it no attention at all, and left it’s implication to the events that occurred because of the Russian Dossier completely out of the report!     

How can we forget all the Dem’s innuendo’s and accusations about President Trump firing Mueller, how many times have we seen the Dems only doing their job to pass legislation to stop President Trump’s attempt to make America great again, but not protecting our borders, America’s Sovereignty, or protecting our election process when it turns out to be not the Russians, but the Democrats persistent Documented voter fraud that has plagued every election since Obama took to America’s political stage back as far as the early to mid 2000’s!

Not only did President Trump have nothing to do with what the Dems are accusing him of, but did the complete opposite which makes him the most transparent President in the history of America in modern times! Now wouldn’t you think that by President Trump allowing every one and anyone of his staff who was requested to give an interview to give that interview, then released close to a Million and a half  requested documents by the Mueller Investigation, and then on top of that never using executive privilege, you would think that the Mueller Report findings after 2 ½ years of no collusion or not enough factual information to recommend and indictment on obstruction, which was Mueller’s only mission, that his failure to do so, but keep the ball rolling, is just another ‘Deep State’ Attempt to keep alive any hope of staying relevant to the American people when in reality they have nothing to offer, and haven’t since Obama and Hillary start pushing their transformation of America to a Socialist backed existence!

Mueller’s has been front and center of just about every ‘Corrupt’ action imaginable that the leadership of the last 4 Administrations didn’t want the public to know, and because of that and his failure to secure the Director of the FBI position that he previously held from 2001 to 2013. Robert Mueller, who after doing more than enough research on the man and his mission have come to a place where I can feel comfortable calling him by the name ‘The Fixer’ due to history that goes as far back as Bush 41, and now leading the investigation into the Witch Hunt that is not proving an already established crime that was committed but now charged with looking for a crime!

‘The Fixer,’ because he didn’t secure the Trump Administration’s position as the Director of the FBI, needed to find a way to stay connected in order to keep him in the ‘Catbird’ seat to oversee and protect the work he’d been hired to do for the last 4 Administrations!

Robert Mueller: The Dem’s Last Hope to Stay Relevant?

What’s needed to be understood here is that within 24 hours of Hillary’s loss to now President Trump is that the situation and exposure of the ‘Deep State’ was in so much jeopardy of being exposed that Hillary and company had to come up with a last minute game plan while they attempted to hide/Cover-up all that was done by the corrupt leadership of the FBI, DOJ, n and CIA, while at the same time coming up with the ‘Shiny’ object to take the attention off what was going on behind those Obama closed, and protected ‘Deep State’ doors!

When it comes to Executive Privilege President Trump played by the rules and never hid or protected any information from being released by using Executive Privilege! Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Robert Mueller and Company who didn’t do their jobs, which was either find indictable offenses or not, and recommend indicting or not indict based on those finding, Period! The 2 biggest questions I think that need to be answered by Robert Mueller in open court, and not behind closed doors, is when did you know that there was no collusion? The second would be what was the unredacted version of the second set of instructions and scope of the Investigation that he received just a little over 2 months after the 1st set of the first issued original instructions that couldn’t be deciphered because of the heavy redactions that hid just about everything that would be considered crucial to the investigation into the investigators! ~~

‘When Presidents use executive privilege’

-By Chris Calabrese      

One of the great constitutional myths is the principle of executive privilege. Though the term is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, every President has called upon it when necessary.

As George Mason University professor Mark Rozell explained in a 1999 article for the Minnesota Law Review, executive privilege is “the right of the President and high-level executive branch officers to withhold information from Congress, the courts, and ultimately the public.” This power can be used in two circumstances: “(1) certain national security needs and (2) protecting the privacy of White House deliberations when it is in the public interest to do so.” The second part is especially valuable, as it allows presidential advisers to freely speak their minds without the threat of a subpoena.

Every President to date has used this power in one way or another, although some have used it more famously than others. Here are some of the biggest examples.

President Obama’s most famous use of executive privilege came during the “Fast and Furious” scandal. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms had run an operation to sell guns to Mexico, in the hope that they could track those weapons to major drug cartels and apprehend some of their members. The guns were not able to be tracked and one was eventually used in the killing of a border patrol agent.

Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley held hearings to determine what went wrong during the mission. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder both said they did not know about it until a few weeks prior to the killing and did not authorize it. Congress and the Department of Justice ended up in a standoff over the sharing of 1,300 documents, leading Obama to assert executive privilege in order to keep them private. In retaliation, Congress voted to make Holder the first Cabinet member held in contempt of Congress.