Daenerys could possibly lose the Iron Throne

19-04-2019 18:04

The Breaker of Chains

Sunday’s premier of the final season of Game of Thrones drew in 17.4 million viewers according to Variety There is no doubt that Sundays are back on HBO (or that HBO Go account you’re piggy backing to watch the show).

The first episode has started to get key players in place for the war against the Whitewalkers. The intro shows Daenerys Targaryen with her massive army and side piece/nephew arriving to Winterfell. The crowd is clearly not having this outsider with her band of merry men come into their home and take over.

And this is the beginning of her downfall in my opinion. Dany is used to having people know who she is and almost worship her for what she has done. She is the breaker of chains and mother of dragons. But here in this icy land, no one cares what or who she is.

Dany surrounds herself with people who never disagree with her. Whatever she wants to do gets little to no push back. The Hand of the Queen seems to be a useless title since what Dany wants, Dany gets.

And her strategy is completely flawed when if comes to conflict. There is nothing subtle about throwing huge armies or sending dragons to solve her problems. She’s more of a act now and think later type of person and we see the consequences in the episode.

After reading and hearing so much about her, Samwell Tarly meets Dany in person for the first time. But the meeting turns sour quickly when Samwell finds out his brother and father have been killed by Dany because they would not bend the knee. That’s it. She was like “You’re with me or you burn.”

And this shows how rash Dany can be. She’s been used to places across the sea where this type of behavior is a form of survival. But in Westeros,  it’s all about logistics and planning. She brings a huge army and two dragons and doesn’t think that Winterfell might not be able to accommodate everyone with food and supplies. Even Sansa notes this and Dany seems to brush it off like it’s nothing.

While sometimes drastic measures have to be taken, there are other ways to deal with conflict. The Stark kids seem to have mastered this with Jon having compromised things for both the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings earning their respect (while getting killed in the process) or Sansa flexing her brilliance when handling Littlefinger. Both thought out a plan and then acted with purpose. The complete opposite of the Mother of Dragons.

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see the dynamics of everyone in the show now that they are somewhat all together. But it will be particularly interesting to see if Dany can change her ways to win the Game of Thrones.