Miniature Installation

20-06-2019 00:06

Environmental balance

In the course of a few thousand years, with the media and technology development the world has become an improved place for humans. Nevertheless, during the time of a human era, we have damaged the planet to the point where the raised question is: can Earth still sustain us?

The issue I decided to address in my piece is pollution and how damaging to the planet and humans it truly is. My art installation also represents environmental balance and humans’ priorities. The character of my installation is roughly sculpted out of clay without any visible specific features. This made with a purpose of showing that nothing is perfect. I did not use any kind of paints, but only plain grey clay in order to show realness, innocence and simplicity.

The meaning behind my art work is open to interpretation. However, my intention was to represents humanity at risk of going extinct due to the damage done to our initial habitat. Therefore, the character’s posture symbolizes the thin balance between human race and the consequences of pollution.

In the process of creating my installation, I have put a lot of thought into finding a perfect location, that would correspond with my message. Therefore, I have chosen a place with various constructions happening, as a representation of natural habitat destruction by humans. The consequences of the natural habitat destruction would make it incapable of sustaining its native species, which include animals and us, humans.

The name of piece primarily addresses the intention and immediately explains the purpose behind my art installation. However, I am not satisfied with the chosen title, as, in my opinion, it is too straight forward and gives up too much information about the work. In my art works I do not like giving all the intention away immediately by the name, but keep the viewer intrigued. Nevertheless, during this short project, I was not capable of coming up with a better name for my installation due to the restricted time limit.


Day 1

Observing my installation on the first day was an unexplainably interesting experience. After setting up the piece, I spent a few hours watching people’s reactions to it. Many, however, did not notice it, being too busy with their lives and not remarking small details around them. Nevertheless, the most reactions I have gotten happened to be from children. In my opinion, it really showed me how people are being too involved in the small problems in their lives and not appreciating what they already have and noticing the world they live in.

Day 2

When I came to visit my installation for the second time, I saw some minor changes. I assume that some parts of it got blown away by the strong wind at night, however, it seemed as people did not touch it. Nevertheless, a few minutes after my observation, I saw a person parking their scooter and running my installation over. As soon as they have knocked it off, they tried to pick it up and fix it, but the character was already broken and unfixable, as the clay dried overnight.

Day 3

My installation was fully destructed on the third day, and it seemed as people have walked over it.

Day 4

On the last day of my observation I went early in the morning, as I was curious to see my installation, since the previous night there was a strong storm. However, I really liked what the rain has done to it, as now it looked like a minor foreshadowing to what might happen to the human race if the balance is ruined.



Throughout the course of four days of observing my installation I came to some conclusions about human’s nature. I think this project really allowed me to see how caught up every person is in their own life and problems, rarely noticing things around them. Surprisingly, the outcome of my project and the things I took from it turned out to be completely different from my original intention and expectations. I learned that nothing and no one is perfect. no matter how much time and effort is put into it, as well as nothing is permanent. Many people do not realize how many choices they have and the power they need to recreate themselves is fully their own, as most of the things in our lives are temporary.


Material list:

  • Clay
  • Wire
  • Plastic (removed after four days)


Drawn diagram of installation: