I Love You

07-12-2018 04:12

This week our country paused to recognize a former president and the life that he lived. By all accounts, George H. W. Bush seems to be a man of integrity, one who lived his life by the convictions and principles he developed over the course of his life. If you didn’t get to watch all of the state funeral, one piece that I think is worth your time is Bush ’41’s son’s (Bush ’43) eulogy of his father (you can see it here). It was clear from the way that George W. Bush described his father that he was a man who loved his wife with an undivided commitment, loved his children, and loved his country.

Of particular note in the eulogy, his son recounted his last moments here on earth, saying that he called his father when he heard he had just minutes to live. The son was told that his father can hear, but hasn’t been speaking for several days. The son told his father, “I love you dad, you’ve been a good father.” Then he heard the reply, “I love you too.” As a father, I can think of no better words to be my last than these very words that were spoken from a father to a son – “I love you.”

We are now in the advent season, just a few weeks away from Christmas. This is the season in which God the Father gave the same message to us that George Bush gave his son – “I love you.” Just like George Bush, who showed his love for his family through the actions of his life, God gave us that message not just in word but in the act of giving His Son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life. That Son who was given to us continued to communicate this love for us throughout His life, right up to His very last breath, as He spread out His arms on the cross and bore the weight of our sin. “I love you,” – these were not the last spoken words, but they were the essence of the message that was given, first at Christmas, but all the way through to Calvary.