Algorithms and fake news are a threat to democracy

25-05-2019 05:05

Algorithms and fake news are a threat to democracy

As I have written before the same algorithms, what are used for marketing, can be used to target the propaganda on the Internet, and this makes them a very effective tool in the wrong hands. At the begin, we have faced cases, where politicians are suspected to send the trolls to their E-mails or social media accounts.

That would seem a very nice method to grow own popularity in the eyes of normal people. So politics is a dirty game, and that means that there are many people, who would use trolls to support their candidate. The messages that are full of hate and treats are a good way to bring publicity and also give a reason to be saying nothing. If that kind of candidate would not come to political discussions the reason could be afraid that something would happen.

When we are thinking about propagandists and their way to work, we are facing really uncertain methodology, where some Internet users are collecting a really big audience by sharing some kind of entertainment stuff on the net. And then they are turning their accounts to the tool of propaganda.

The big audience is a necessary thing for propagandists

The idea of this is that when the propagandist or PSY-OP-operator would start the mission, the information what is shared will get the largest audience, what those people can get. When we are thinking about psychological operations and fake news, there are many ways to accomplish the operation.

One of the things is to use manipulated images, where are connected details, like white powder on the table, by using photo manipulation programs, like Photoshop. Another way is to capture the accounts, which are used by respected journalists. In those cases, the propagandist would try to use the information is always very simple.

Propagandists believe in strong leadership

The data, what is shared is almost every time propped up by using the position as the manager. That means that the propagandists almost every time support the strong leadership, which would give them the chance to influence only one person, and strong leaders are good targets for flatterers. In those cases pleasing the leader is easier than please many people. The thing, what we ever thought or what we ever mentioned in the courses is that also journalists have political opinions. The world is full of people, who believe things like authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Some of those people are journalists. Have you ever visited in the non-democratic country?

There is a so-called official press, and there are people, who are writing stories in those official newspapers. Those people are really problematic because they are writing a very good language, and nobody actually realizes that the information, what those people share is shared without criticism and using one-side sources. The best weapon in the hands of propagandists is the subjective truth. Also in the propaganda weapons and violence are in the big role.

Those people are using many times the images, where the people, who they support are posing with guns, and they would many times tell people that if the comments are involving too much criticism those guns would be used against people, who are criticizing the data.  Violence is a very good way to order other people to keep their mouth shut, and one of the best argument is the neighbor what has 20 million nuclear weapons, and brainwashed military force. If you will irritate the leaders of that country they will attack immediately.

When they are telling about the rapes, they are telling only rapes, what are made by foreigners. And those people are really good to use pity as the weapon. If we would go to some dictatorial country, what goes on war, we would see the bodies of children. And of course, the government tells us that they would be killed by the enemy, but what is the truth? When people are telling something, or they are ordered to do something, we must ask one question, and that is “who is given orders to that thing, and what that person has actually ordered”?

Truth is a complicated thing

The truth is a very complicated thing, and maybe some airstrikes to villages have killed civilians but were there the radio-transmitter in that village. Or was the bombed shelter used the command center? This is a very good point to think about what we see, might be different, what we want to believe. And we always want to believe, that journalists are good people. Sometimes journalists have connections even to organized crime, and that kind of things are really embarrassing.

In the world is many dictators, whose secret police controls the press, and those people are playing reporters. They always have the explanations for everything and in that kind of cases, where the journalists are working as propagandists or troll-makers, they have always a very good way to keep people silent. The thing is that they have their own personal experience with that kind of crimes, and that would be a good way to make people silent.