Teach Me How to Stitch

22-06-2019 05:06

This week week I had a chance to create a little how-to video of my learning.  I’ve shared bits of these skills along the way, but I figured I would create a video that I wish existed when I was beginning my project.  I found that there were tons of videos that could tell you in a really long-winded and complicated way how to do a basic cross stitch. However, what I was looking for was a quick “here’s how you do it” and then set you free.  I also found it frustrating when videos would show you how to cross stitch their pattern.  It’s not really helpful if you aren’t working on the same project!  All you need to know when you begin this type of stitching is how to do the basic stitch, you can figure the rest out as you go!

Some other wisdom I have to offer is has to do with picking patterns for beginners (because I just guessed).

  1. choose something that is simple: which means few colours and simple shapes
  2. don’t panic if you start SUPER slow
  3. it’s okay to start a few projects and work on them in little bits
  4. just because a pattern is big doesn’t mean that it’s hard
  5. if you like it, take the risk!

I used iMovie to create this quick clip and it was SO easy! Even with spotty farm internet it only took 20 minutes to upload to YouTube!

Until next time,