18-06-2019 02:06

And we walked off to look for America

– Simon and Garfunkel

One last meal at Kerouac’s and one last long drive West today. We made it to California after traversing the alternating ranges of mountains and broad valleys that make up central Nevada. Breakfast was the most notable party of the day. We shared two meals and two pastries that were all excellent, said goodbye to everyone in Baker, and climbed into Fred.

We did make a stop in Ely that broke up the 6 hour drive. As several people mentioned in their posts yesterday, three of us developed leaky bladders in Great Basin so we were able to replace those at the spring good store. The most prominent sign in the window of the store tired their newly expanded beer selection, so I was a bit nervous about finding what we needed, but they turned out to have a pretty good selection. I even found some new boot laces that seem as sturdy as the ones I broke.

We found first aid supplies to replace what we used on Zoe’s cuts and scrapes at the drug store in Ely. Our only other stops were in Tonopah to refuel and take pictures of the clown motel.

It seems likely that Tioga Pass will still be closed tomorrow so we’ll detour north to Sonora Pass. This should only add a couple hours to the trip into Yosemite Valley, so we’re hoping to be there before noon. We’ve spent this afternoon hanging out on the patio of the El Mono motel in Lee Vining playing games, sipping lattes, and of course writing. This is a peaceful place.