The weirdest, silliest, drunkest moments from the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup parade and rally

16-06-2019 03:06

For the second year in a row, the Stanley Cup has gone to a franchise that has never hoisted it before. On Saturday, for the first time in the city’s history, St. Louis welcomed Lord Stanley’s Cup with a parade unlike any the city’s seen before.

There were many beautiful, profound moments–like Laila Anderson raising the Cup and Blues’ legend Bobby Plager thanking the city for believing in them–there were many moments that were…less dignified. Let’s enjoy those too, shall we?

Just keep swimming…

The parade started off swimmingly with Robert Bortuzzo doing an impressive front crawl on top of a pickup truck.

Joel Edmundson’s scooter crash

Joel Edmundson found a scooter somewhere, got on it, and crashed it. While the fence may have initially been set up to protect the players from the crowd, it worked well the other way around, too.

Edmundson was also impressed by one of the t-shirts being sold on-site which read “Ryan Fuckin’ O’Reilly.”

The goalie joined the marching band

Ryan “Effin'” O’Reilly’s bike heist

At some point in the parade, Lady Byng candidate and Conn Smythe winner Ryan O’Reilly acquired a fedora.

After acquiring the fedora, he acquired a bike.

After acquiring the bike, he got stopped by the police, because the bike belonged to them, and they wanted it back.

He apologized. He’s Canadian. He got that Lady Byng nod for a reason.

Colton Parayko became a camera operator

Parayko played nearly 30 minutes in Game Seven on Wednesday, partied the longest Thursday night at OB. Clark’s, and made his presence felt at the Wheelhouse on Friday. Somehow he was upright, holding a hefty video camera with one hand, running back and forth across the parade route. The dude’s an animal. And that animal is some sort of elephant/ox/dolphin hybrid.

Every interview with every player

The reporters had a hard time even getting hold of the players–who had quickly abandoned their cars and floats in order to interact with the fans–and a harder time getting them to focus long enough to answer questions.

Brett Hull being Brett Hull

Brett Hull was very…exuberant, during his time at the podium. His wardrobe choice was a Ric Flair t-shirt with a picture of him giving Boston the bird.

While wearing said shirt, he pointed out that the traditional chant of “Let’s go Blues” was no longer accurate, and perhaps “We went Blues” would be more grammatically accurate.

He also “sang” the Blues’ unofficial theme song, Laura Brannigan’s “Gloria,” like you’ve never heard it before.

“This one’s for Boston”

Not to be outdone by Brett Hull’s t-shirt picture of flipping off Boston, Larry Robinson did it in person on national television.

The 2018 reigning Stanley Cup Champions are dead. Long live the 2019 reigning Stanley Cup Champions.

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