It feels good and unique to distance oneself from the common (bad)

25-06-2019 13:06

This is just a spontaneous thought. Though probably inspired by cumulated experiences and other almost related thoughts.
All over : in the society, in the mainstream media,in the social media (especially) ,in the church and all elsewheres,is a disturbing association of and with the common. And in this regard,even among the Christians. And may be ,for this particular post,the young believers,myself in there.

There is a commonness so strong,that seems to bind both the believers and them not. And hence, in this regard,the believers are greatly falling into the trap. Them being at the top of the cliff,and the world at the bottom, it is becoming easier for them to be pulled down than them pulling the world up. Just greatly.

There is a wave so strong that only the strong in faith will not fall into,rather,swayed. The move is silent yet loud. It is real yet unprecedented. It is slowly getting the roots even in the life of the majority of believers,yet widely taking the grounds.

It has a hidden worldly wisdom that is painlessly occupying the young faiths. Even the old too. Slowly but sure.

See,everyone is trying to make a point and to be taken seriously with whatever they are to say or write. The pain I have is that most of the pointless words and statements regarded as wisdom,unfortunately,are taken as guiding principles.

Everybody is copying and pasting on their statuses as if they are the most driving and motivating words ever said. 

The world has a way of gaining their ground,wherever and however. Only those rooted strongly will not be mixed up.

Words and statements,even the most empty of them,by our celebrities ,even them of the world,are greatly and widely celebrated as if they were the best of the advices. Sadly so,by even those of us who allegedly profess the faith.

It pains me to go through my saved friends’ status updates every day,and finding the most misleading quotations from all over: our political leaders,our celebrities, our pastors and spiritual leaders who apparently seem to have been the description of ,”wolves in sheeps’ clothing” without a second thought on these sayings and writings.

I am highly convinced that those who went ahead of us,and from whom we can have reference of sound and helpful,even spiritual wisdom,never at one time thought that they could ever be quoted,and their writings referred to,tens of years after their last breath in this side of life. The opposite is clearly happening.

Everybody wants to push their agenda. Everybody wants to make a point. Everybody is being wise in their own eyes.

In fact,it is a painful truth that if you just want to make a point,even from the very words of Jesus,you can almost attribute them to a certain famous and successful celebrity,instead of Jesus,and those words are really going to have more mileage. I just said sadly.

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself” from the Holy Scriptures is almost less superior and less authoritative from “love people” from a certain celebrity and/or successful person.

Our generation is no longer becoming a listening generation. Father David is no longer having the attention of son Solomon. Every one of us is ‘living their own lives’ and hence slowly fading away from the path of Christ. 

You will see it all over. We follow a particular ‘servant of God’ who is not even Biblically correct,and their misleading is deviating us from the truth. 

All of us have gone astray. The only difference is that the shepherd shepherd is there,but our ‘personal wisdom’ will not let us allow Him to lead.

It is no longer a mystery to see all *f words in our statuses. And unfortunately enough,the lines having such evil and worldly words carry the most ‘wisdom’ to carry us through life. What a disillusioned wisdom and motivation.

We ought to have a deeper soul-searching at very personalised levels. 

Light has no shadows!!! There is no darkness in light. We need to be more careful with our lives,now that God doesn’t give us a separate world to live in,away from the world itself.

We need to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves (Matthew 10:16).

The greater problem though could be that our generation sees itself extremely wise in their eyes. 

We need to realize that when we have a learnt a little,we feel we know a lot,but when we learn a lot,we feel that we know just little. And the latter is and should be a force for more humility.

Proverbs 3:7 (NIV); Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead,fear the LORD and turn away from evil.

Let the preciously bought faith inside of you not be degraded by the common world schemes. The salt will lose its saltiness.

Let’s guard our hearts and faiths against all the erosion of the world around us.

I believe it feels unique and more precious when we would distance ourselves from the common. And especially the common bad. And unfortunately, most of the common is not the right. 

Yes! You are not just booking heaven. It is not just for a good and guaranteed stay here on earth. 

I almost hear a voice from the heavens asking us personally,” what do you yourself say I still am to you?”

There is no higher calling. Than that of loyalty to Christ.