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Feature Writer: Wet Special /
Feature Title:  Once Upon a Time in Hell /
Story Codes: Succubus, Hell, Afterlife /
Synopsis: So there’s quite a bit of sex in the afterlife? /

Author’s Notes: Well, I’m back after a long absence. The remaining parts of this 3 part series will be posted in the coming days. All characters are over the age of 18. Most of them are spirits.  /  This is not Dante’s “Inferno” plus perverted sex. Yes, I referenced Dante’s take, and others, but I took artistic license with all of it. Just a heads up, readers, the last chapter is non-erotic. Yes, this story has a moral to it. If at any time you find the story too controversial for your tastes, well, there’s plenty of other stories for you to read. Let’s just leave it at that. As usual I wanna say, women be warned, this one is geared to the guys. I hope you all enjoy.


Once Upon a Time in Hell

He awoke with a start.

He was on a rocky outcropping on a massive plain, inside an enormous cavern. Distant volcanoes belched smoke into the noxious air. Fire and magma shed an orange light through the blackness and gloom. Distant screams of agony could be heard above the sound of the wind.

“Yep, this is hell,” he thought out loud.

His memory was blank. He didn’t remember who he was, or even his own name. He didn’t remember how he died.

He remembered nothing.

He looked down at his body. He was male. He was naked, and his body was corded with a massive set of muscles. It seemed wondrous and strange to be in possession of such a powerful physique. It made him feel calm despite the distant screams carried on the sulfuric winds.

He stood up and looked around.

“If this is hell, at least there aren’t any lakes of fire,” he muttered to himself reassuringly. “Maybe some volcanoes way far away, that I can handle.” He let out a breath and looked down at his nakedness, clenching and unclenching his fists. He felt strength in his limbs that was definitely reassuring, but he wasn’t sure it would save his exposed anatomy from searing fire.

Looking up, he realized that there were other threats to his being. A harpy with sharp teeth and curved talons.

Cursing, he ducked behind a rock. Peering from behind it, he took a second look at the creature. Half woman and half bird, it flapped its grotesque wings as it circled above. It was scanning the landscape, circling and circling.

He saw more of them, father away. There were at least a dozen, and other flying demons as well. Just then a blast of fire drew his eye to what seemed to be a dragon, flying low near the bottom of the hill. As he watched, it breathed a swirling cloud of fire onto the unfortunate souls in the valley, letting loose twenty seconds or so.

The harpy let out a cry. She had seen him.

“This way!” came a man’s voice. “Hurry, take cover!”

He turned and quickly headed in the sound of the voice, stumbling over the hardened lava flow.

He didn’t see where the voice came from, but there was an opening in the ground formed by the volcanic rock flow. He headed for it, and soon found himself in a small hole.

He hid there for a while, not sure what to do next. If he thought that he was dreaming, the painful jabs from the rock let him know it was not. It was better than what the demons might do to him though.

“Maybe you best lie low and come up with a plan,” he told himself, doing his best once again to sound reassuring.

He was not convinced.

Days passed. Horrific noises floated by, until he wished his ears would stop hearing. The tiny cave was barely big enough for him to crouch in, but he was safer than out in the open.

He tried to think, but he seemed to lack any basis for thinking. No memories, no understanding of who he was, left him without any sort of plan. It was frustrating. After a few hours, he felt as though he would go mad. He snuck out of the hole and headed away from the fiery valley, towards a horizon cloaked in darkness.

He began to wonder what would become of him if he were found by the demons. Would they torture him on the spot, or burn him into some kind of cadaverous looking zombie? Would he be corralled into some other group of condemned souls, to be tortured en masse?

“Why!?” he cried, yelling at the stormy blackness above. “What did I do?!”

He could not remember his own name, but he did not think himself a bad person.

“You were not judged?” came a voice, nearby.

He turned and looked. He saw a man, strong and handsome, wearing an ornate leather belt, boots, and a loincloth.

“Are you the one who called out to me before?”

“Yes,” said the man. He was of a rather muscular build himself, and wore an ornate leather belt, boots, and a loincloth. There was an other-worldliness to him. “I’m glad to see that you’re still alright. Come this way, it’s not safe on the hillside.”

The man wore clothes at least, thought the newcomer. Perhaps he would know where to get some more. Encouraged by this, he followed the man towards the valley on the far side of the rise.

“Are we going to be okay?”

“As long as we put some distance between us and the fiery plains behind us,” said the man. “By the way, the name is Rigel. What’s yours?”

“I’m – I don’t know my name.”

“You don’t remember?” the man offered, instantly understanding.

“No, I don’t remember. The only thing I remember is a couple of hours ago, I woke up in – this is hell, isn’t it? ”

“Limbo, actually. The first layer of hell. Congratulations, it’s the least awful layer. The place we left, Avernus, is not somewhere you want to be, and after Avernus, it’s all downhill, trust me.”

“What’s going to happen to us?”

“You’re alright. There’s no endless torment here. Just keep away from the demons and things won’t be so bad. This layer of hell is reserved for people who really did well in life, but just weren’t saintly enough to actually get the thumbs up from St. Peter.”

“What happened to purgatory?”

“Doesn’t exist,” Rigel replied with a chuckle. “This is the closest thing. So take heart, if you look around, and stay out of sight, you might find that you like some of the places here.”

“Really?” He had never expected to hear something like that about a realm like Hell.

“Well, it all depends on you, making the best of a bad situation. Speaking of which, what do we call you?”

“I forgot who I am. Even my own name.”

“Hmm. Well, until you remember it, you shall need one. You look like a Glen to me.”

“What?” he said with a puzzled look. “I mean it’s alright, but if I were to choose –”

“Alright. Matt?”

“Ok. I like it, I guess,” said the newcomer.

“It’s a popular name,” Rigel agreed.

Just then they passed a boulder, only to find the entrance to a small cave around the other side of it. The cave entrance was decorated with sheer curtains, the interior had more curtains and was lit by a reddish violet glow. There was a plush bed in the center of the room.

There was a tanned blonde on the bed, crouched over someone. As they paused to look, they saw that it wasn’t just an ordinary woman. She had small wings on her back and a thin, black tail with a spade shaped fin at the end.

“That’s a succubus. We’d best move on,” Rigel said. But Matt was transfixed. He could tell now that the other person was a man, and he was getting the blowjob of his life from that blonde succubus.

Up and down her head bobbed, and with each stroke of her lips the man on the bed convulsed with pleasure in an effort to not to explode.

Matt got a glimpse of her face as she got up to mount the man beneath her. Flowing, wavy blonde hair fell down to her shoulders. Her face had a look of sultry beauty, with long dark eyelashes and pouty, parted lips. But before he could see more, she turned to face her victim again and began riding his cock with deliberate gyrating thrusts.

“She’s seen us. We really better go.” Rigel turned and continued on their way.

“Do we really have to? Two big guys like us couldn’t take her?”

“Don’t let your own appearance fool you,” Rigel said, stopping and turning to face Matt. “She’d suck your soul out in minutes once she got her hooks into you. Seconds, if she really wanted to.” With that, Rigel turned to leave once more. “Well, are you coming?”

But Matt was powerless to move. All he could do was watch her perfect ass bouncing up and down, engulfing the guy’s hard cock. He could faintly hear the slapping of her tanned buns against his thighs. She had a narrow waist but soft, dark globes of bouncing ass flesh that had him mesmerized.

He imagined her heat and wetness must have felt so good. He wanted a taste of pussy too. He was already naked, and he had nothing left to lose.

His reverie was broken by a smack to the back of the head.

“Come on!” Rigel urged.

They ran for a short while, to put some distance between themselves and the succubus. “Matt, you were starting to sport some wood there, ya know.”

“She was beautiful,” he murmured in reply.

“I know, I’m just as much a man as you are. It’s hard to look away. But there’s thousands of succubi out there, and all of them are just as destructive. They’ll chew your soul up and spit it out like used bubble gum.” He spat for emphasis.

“Besides, there’s plenty of women to screw around with in Limbo. We’ll go find some, I promise. But you’ll never live to bone them if you get mixed up with demons. So stay away from them.”

“I just couldn’t see how she could overpower me,” Matt said, almost wistfully.

“That’s what they want you to believe. You were under her spell, and it still hasn’t completely worn off,” Rigel patiently explained. “One kiss and she would have you paralyzed, eating out of her hand. Even if you somehow escaped after getting that close. She must have figured you for her next meal. Succubi have those kinds of powers. It’s best that you totally ignore them whenever possible. As soon as you take interest, you might as well have just told her to fuck you till she’s sucked your soul out.”

“My soul?” Matt looked down at his body. It was a little pale but otherwise healthy and in decent shape. “Hey Rigel, what about my soul. Is this, me, this body – is this all I’ve got left?”

Matt waited for a response, then looked around. Rigel was nowhere to be found.

“Is this a dream?” Matt asked out loud. He looked around. The upper limits of the cavern were black or gone entirely, Matt couldn’t tell, so deep was the darkness all around. The ground was illuminated by a faint glow, it seemed, and Matt’s eyes adjusted to the dimness as he trudged onward.

For hours he walked on alone, carefully picking his way along the dirt and rocks. He had not seen a demon nor another person the entire time. The air was muggy and warm, but he seemed to be in a void.

“Limbo is no fun,” Matt said, wondering where all the women were that Rigel promised.

As he walked along, he came across a woman sleeping in the dirt. She stirred as he passed.

She looked up at him and smiled. “Wanna fuck?”

The woman was attractive and looked to be in her early twenties. She had a shaven head and Caucasian features, and her skin was very pale. Her bare breasts were indeed a tempting sight, but her wanton lust crept Matt out. He hurried to leave.

“Stop! Be my lover, here, alone together! I promise, I won’t hurt you! I can’t hurt you! All I can do is satisfy your every need!” Her voice faded as Matt hurried on. “Want to fuck my ass? Fuck my mouth? Cum in my throat, you motherfucker!” She screamed in frustration. “Where are you going? Off to play hero? Wait! I got a nice patch of soft dirt here, no goddamn demons anywhere, please! Stop, damn you!”

Her voice became inaudible as Matt hurried away. He was lost, with no sense of direction. The volcanoes he had passed were so distant that the darkness had swallowed their orange glow, there was nothing but ashes and rock.

As the time passed, his thoughts returned to the succubus, and the woman he met lying in the dirt. He wondered if the woman was the soul of another who had died, as he believed himself to be. If so, she must have lived a life much like his own. Rigel said that he had lived a very good and pure life, for the most part. Perhaps she wasn’t such a threat after all?

Perhaps he could have stayed with her and fucked her? The question nagged him as he walked many more miles. There would be no way for him to retrace his steps.

The wasteland seemed endless. Matt thought about her without respite. Maybe he could have been fucking her this entire time! Not only her pussy, he could have been getting a blowjob. Despite the dire circumstances, a warm wet mouth on his shaft seemed like a great idea. He also was curious about anal sex. Was it really tighter, as one might suppose? She was willing to give that up too. Why did he turn it down?

Matt was getting hard just thinking about it. He stopped and sat on a rock to think. What was it like? He had no memories of intercourse, no kisses, nothing. His memory was a blank slate. He was curious.

He reached down to touch his shaft. He began to stroke it a little, and thought about the succubus. He thought about her hot mouth engulfing him to the root. He squeezed the base of his shaft and pulled.

Just then he heard footsteps. In the dimness, Matt made out the shape of a man walking by. He got closer, looking with blankness in Matt’s direction and then continuing on without missing a step.

Matt sighed. “Well, that was awkward,” he said to himself as his penis went flaccid.

He decided to move on. Every so often, he saw another person in the darkness. After about fifteen minutes, he began to see a glow on the horizon. It was the ground, or something on it. Pale white dots in the distance. The heat coming off the ground made the light shimmer.

Matt headed towards the light. “This, this is purgatory, it has to be!” he thought, imagining that he had traversed Limbo entirely on foot. Although there were doubts in his mind, he held out hope. He was startled and perplexed by what he found.

The figures were naked people, sitting, reclining, standing, and fucking. There had to be dozens. No, hundreds!

He began to realize what he was seeing. A vast plain full of lost souls rutting like animals. Women were everywhere, without a stitch of clothing. Men were the same. Most were young and middle aged. None were obese or particularly ugly, from what Matt could tell, but they were all quite pale. A few were exceptional in physique, but none were as massively proportioned as he. He stood head and shoulders above anyone who happened to be standing.

Which were few.

The acts they were engaging in were shocking to say the least. Some were tied up, some were bent over large smooth boulders, gray wooden benches, and so on. One pretty girl was in a stocks, getting fucked from both ends. Matt realized with guilty delight that she was taking a thick, rigid cock right up the ass.

Drawn in by curiosity, Matt kept walking. Paths worn with time wound their way between the couples and the threesomes and foursomes. Although Matt regarded them as degenerates, a part of him felt as though he were browsing, looking for sights of appeal and interest. Perhaps Rigel was right about finding parts of Hell to like.

Perhaps not. Matt passed a cluster of men who had tied a pretty young brunette up. Her wrists were behind her back and bound, her legs were chained to stakes in the ground to keep them spread. Demonic grins were on their faces as they watched one of their number ravaging her. Just a few feet away, a pair of lesbians were engaged in a 69, a woman who seemed to be in her thirties was getting fucked in all three holes next to them, and next to that orgy was a young looking guy plowing into a somewhat older girl in the spoon position.

Matt could not stand idly by when a girl was being raped. He moved to intercede. “Leave her alone!” he bellowed, stepping into the fray. “I don’t want to have to hurt you!”

Everyone in the area turned to him, and their eyes began to glow purple. Their faces grew wicked and demonic, as though possessed. Matt recoiled in horror, but he was surrounded.

Before he knew it, he was being attacked from all sides, scratched and kicked by these jackals. He did his best to keep his feet, and fight them off.

Three of the rapists remained normal, but they recoiled as the woman they had been raping turned demonic. Pulling away, one of them yelled “You idiot! Back down at once! Hell cannot tolerate a hero!”

“Agh! Get away from me!” Matt turned to run. As he fled, the horror seemed to vanish, almost instantly.

“There, learned your lesson!” called a voice.

“No one likes a hero!” called a woman.

“The demons are watching!”

“There is no absolution here.”

“Make the best of it!”

Matt realized he should leave, or risk becoming like them, or worse.

He turned and looked at the path he had come down. He clearly saw the way he had made and the edge of the illuminated field. Beyond, the darkness he had come from. He could make his way there in a minute, easily.

He turned, looking this way and that. He decided to explore further, and continued down the path, deeper into the throng.

His eye was drawn to someone, and he turned to meet the gaze of a girl. It was the girl from the couple he had seen earlier fucking missionary. After the chaos from earlier, they had rejoined, only to switch positions. She was now mounted on him, reverse cowgirl. She was facing him squarely and beckoning to him. Something in her eyes was not to his liking, but as he watched her ride that cock, she gazed back at him.

She was putting on a show, and his cock grew harder and harder as he watched.

Just then, another man walked up to her and offered his dick to her lips. She swallowed it without hesitation. Taking it in deep as she bounced, she managed to look out of the corners of her eyes at Matt. Her irises, he noticed, were purple. In fact, the three of them had rather pale, almost gray skin, but their eyes were all purple.

Matt decided to move on and see what else might be in the field. He encountered an Asian girl. She too had pale, colorless skin and purple eyes.

“Do you like to strangle?” she said, canting her hips provocatively. He looked her up and down. She was very pretty, if pale. She had an oval face and a graceful nose, and her almond eyes were deep and appealing. She even had a rather nice pair of tits, not to big and not too small.

“Come with me, I’ll find us a spot,” she said. “After you choke me with those big strong hands of yours, I’ll let you fuck me any way you want.”

Matt followed her, his eyes transfixed on her beautiful, slender back and pert buns. Her ass was bare and perfectly curved, and his cock grew raging hard as he walked behind her, knowing she was about to grant him every carnal pleasure he could conceive of.

She located an unoccupied patch of dirt, with just one or two rocks. Matt’s eyes went wide with surprise as he watched her take the rocks and hurl them with all her strength away from them. They did not go far at all, and one rock seemed to hit someone, but by then she had already ducked down.

“Is that okay, throwing the rocks?”

“Well, that’s how we get rid of them. We’re trying to get rid of all the rocks in the field, that’s why this patch of the sanctuary isn’t full of damn rocks. Did you notice, I threw them toward the edge of the field?”

Matt shook his head.

“I mean, this is just the way it is done.” She continued to sift through the dust, gathering some half dozen or so glowing purple pebbles that were also hidden in the dust.

“What are those?” Matt asked.

“Hmm? Oh, they’re a kind of aphrodisiac. Kind of addictive, so be careful.” Matt grunted and nodded, but waited for her to continue to speak. “You’ve just arrived, then?”


“So what happened? How did you die?”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember anything–”

“Not even your judgement?”


“Well, you must have lived an amazing life. Your soul is the strongest I have ever seen.”

“My soul is?” Matt trailed off. “What about you, how did you die?”

“My name is Sheila, or it was anyway. I was the daughter of a wealthy and successful man. We lived in a country called the United States, which was once a magnificent land. Do you know of it?”

Matt shook his head. “Nothing comes to mind.”

“Well, the United States was a place where you could say what you wanted and live your life the way you pleased. But my parents were very strict, and I lived at home until I was eighteen. Then, it was arranged that I would marry one of my father’s friends from back in his homeland, Pakistan. Perhaps you remember it? I doubt it though.”

“I haven’t heard of that one either.” He shook his head.

“Well, I can’t say I had any interest in meeting this wrinkly old man, or going to his country. You cannot imagine an American girl being asked to live amidst the filth of that land, with some balding geezer more than twice my age! I ran away!”

“Then what?” Matt asked.

“There was no one in my town who would help me. I was soon captured by my father and brothers. They took me to a hotel, gang raped me, and then cut my head off.”

Matt was stunned. Was this how people in great nations lived?

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry, I’ve ruined the mood. It’s just that, here I am, and that is my story. I was a virgin until the hour of my death, and now I’m just a forsaken soul.”

Matt bowed his head in grief. There were no words of wisdom for him to offer. “I am so sorry.”

“They will share a fate far worse than this, uh, what did you say your name was?”

“Call me Matt.”

“You see Matt, it’s okay. I’ve had a long time to come to grips with what they did. When they die, they will surely be in the ninth layer of hell. Their cursed souls will be punished, and shamed.”

“That is your consolation?” Matt asked, accidentally speaking out loud.

“Yeah, so what?” she said, defensively.

“Never mind!” Matt said hurriedly. He fumbled for a subject to hop to. “So, why the uh, strangling?”

Oh, brilliant, put her on defensive while you are at it, brainiac, he thought to himself. He was surprised at how much she got into answering him, as she smiled and looked up into the dark sky.

“Oh, I just love to feel it, when I’m close to that moment of ecstasy, to feel my head throbbing, as though I still had a heart that pumped blood. To have a neck that connects my head to my body. I just need that feeling, or I can’t cum.”

“Oh. Wow.”

“That and, I need to take my pills.” He watched as she popped a few purple pellets into her mouth. She smiled, a lascivious grin spreading across her lips. Her eyelids lowered, seductively. She lay down on her back, and spread her legs.

“Now, my large friend, we have talked enough. I need you inside of me.”

Matt’s cock had gone soft for a moment after hearing her grisly tale. Now he felt it rapidly hardening once more. He clumsily moved into position, careful not to place his weight on the waif of a girl beneath him. He rested his weight on his elbows and hovered above her, his shaft touching her abdomen.

He looked to her for some guidance on what to do next, and she spoke as though she had been through this quite a few times.

“Don’t choke me hard until I’m getting close to cumming. Lightly at first. If I tap your hands, let go. If I resist, don’t stop. If I talk, squeeze until I can’t speak. Understand?”

He nodded. He wasn’t sure he got all that, but the last thing she said seemed to carry the point well.

“Now, come to me, big man, and strangle me with those strong hands of yours!”

Matt got on top of her, resting his elbows on the ground to keep his weight off of her. His cock rested against her stomach. Her body was warm against the skin of his rod, and in moments he felt it hardening, until it was hot, hard and aching to penetrate her. He placed his hands around her throat and she reached down to guide him in.

He pushed his swollen mushroom tip into her, stretching her lush folds wide as it entered her. He felt the tip and each following inch of his length getting swallowed in her warmth. He tightened his grip on her neck, cutting off the air as he plowed deeper, stifling her scream. It was exhilarating to cut off her air without warning, and he felt something aching inside, a need for release that was unfamiliar. He loosened his grip on her neck.

“Do me!” she moaned after taking a quick breath.

Matt choked her again and began slamming his cock into her. He paid close attention to his hands, choking her just hard enough to stop her breathing.

“Fuck me harder!” she gasped.

“That wasn’t hard enough?” Matt thought as he squeezed her neck. He could feel her tendons and veins softly compressing in his grip, and he was barely squeezing. He was unsure of his strength. For that matter, he was amazed the dainty thing would trust her neck in such big hands.

Perhaps she had nothing to lose. He gripped her neck and began thrusting into her sex. She grabbed his hands, trying to pull them off, but he only squeezed her tighter.

He began pistoning even faster, racing towards imminent release. He could see Sheila’s closed eyes open, and then her eyes roll up.

He pushed harder, feeling himself near the point of release, always, agonizingly close. She seemed to be gushing with juices. Finally her hands tapped his and then she flung them outward in submission. He let go.

The exotic vixen gasped for air. She struggled to get up on one elbow and catch her breath for a few moments. There was dust in her long black hair.

“Very good. Ready for more?” She met his gaze with her sultry flashing eyelashes, and moved to get on all fours. Matt played along, pulling out. Once she was on all fours, he pressed his big, dripping dick up against her soaking slit and plunged in.

He felt her tight pussy squeezing him hard and soon he felt like he was going to explode.

“Come on, cum for me, you animal, fuck me you–” Sheila was cut off as Matt’s strong left hand encircled her throat once more. His right hand gripped her waist at the hips and propelled her body firmly against his mighty thrusts.

On and on they fucked for hours, but he never climaxed. Finally she tapped on his big hands and took a deep breath. They both panted for a few moments.

“Oh, Sheila,” Matt said, “That was incredible—”

“It was okay. But you never came!”

“That’s okay, I felt fantastic.”

“I want to feel you cum inside of me. And I want to taste your cum, actually. Have one of these pellets?” She reached for the two purple pellets she had stowed to one side of their lot of dirt.

“I don’t know, it seems like they could be, well, tainted.”

“Please? For me?”

“Well,” Matt said, looking for a polite excuse, “You said yourself that they are addicting. What happens when you get addicted?”

“Well, it takes a few more to get going,” she replied.

“So? Then what? What if you take too many?”

“The madness,” Sheila replied. She was looking down at the ground, sifting through the dust casually. She found another violet pellet.

“What is the madness?” Matt asked. Understandably, the tone in his voice conveyed alarm.

“It only lasts a short spell, but you feel exquisite. You lose every last inhibition,” Sheila began. “You go into a sort of trance, where all you want is sex. Women get so horny that we just want more and more. Girls will have guys line up, and fuck them as hard as they can until they are exhausted. They’ll find men to dominate them as well, tie them up, you name it. The men who get the madness find a woman to rape and dominate, and sometimes they can be very selfish as they take pleasures. In some cases people with the madness wander away from the sanctuary in search of demons and succubi. They are rumored to patrol the edges of this realm.”

“I see.”

“There is no ecstasy without it, no release,” she said, sifting through the dirt for more pellets. She found a pebble, and tossed it away. “I think they put it in the dirt just to get us to throw rocks at each other. Hell’s payback for all this easy sex.”

She gazed at his luridly engorged dick with a grin. He didn’t notice, as he was distracted by a nearby couple. Only a few feet away a rather voluptuous woman was on her back, tilting her head back while her lover crouched above her and rammed his cock down her throat. Matt’s cock was throbbing hard at the sight, especially as he imagined doing the same to Sheila’s cute mouth.

The man pulled out and let out a stream of cum, shooting white ropes of jizz between her breasts and down her flat stomach.

“How long does it last?” he croaked.

“The purple pebbles?” Sheila asked, as she sidled up to Matt and he gathered her into his arms. “Depends. At first one would last me four to six hours. Now, I feel nothing after an hour. Usually I eat two or three at a time.”

Matt gazed at her, a look of concern on his face. Her irises shimmered with the same purple hue of the pebbles.

“Although I wouldn’t recommend you take three at first. You might get the madness. I have gained a resistance to its effects over time, that’s all. You will know when it is time to try more than one.”

She picked one violet pebble up and held it out to him. “Try one. I want you to feel as good as I’m going to feel. I want you to free yourself.”

Matt shook his head.

“This doesn’t seem right,” he stated.

“Oh, you just don’t get it yet, do you?” Sheila could hardly hide her frustration. “You are never getting out of Hell. This is where your soul has ended up. Now take the pill, I’m waiting!”

There were a few moments of silence. Then, as suddenly as her frustration had welled up, it was gone.

“I’m sorry – ” she began.

“No, no it’s alright. I admit, I don’t know what the situation is. I don’t know at all.”

She listened, and he continued.

“I ran into a mysterious fellow who advised me to stay away from demons. Well, that seems to be a perfectly reasonable bit of advice – ”

“It is – ” she offered.

“But if we are already stuck in damnation, my question is, how do we screw up even more? Can we? What about improvement, can we ever finish paying back our burdens and get back into the good graces of those on high?”

“Sometimes a man’s soul can be reassessed. Typically, a demon who reassesses a soul will drag it down to a lower level of hell. There are stories of souls finding absolution, and beginning the long climb to purgatory, but they seem like nothing but stories to me.”

“So there are stories of it, at least?” he asked, rhetorically. She saw the look in his eyes. For him, it was time to go in search of redemption.

“Wait! You don’t understand! You don’t even know who you are. What if a worse fate awaits, and what if a demon gets its hands on you?”

“No one gets into heaven without facing demons.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to just stay here and fuck me?” she exclaimed, exasperated.

Matt thought about this. He looked down at Sheila, at her pretty smile and eager eyes, the swell of her breasts. He thought about the tightness of her cunt, her eager soft black hair that fell about her shoulders. She was so inviting, he almost wanted to stay. But looking her over, he could see that she was also covered in dusty smudges on her skin, hands, and feet. Naturally, dust was even clinging to her sopping mound.

They were rutting in dirt and filth.

“Am I in some kind of a nightmare? Are you seriously telling me this is the best that the afterlife has to offer us?” As he spoke, his voice grew higher and louder. A few people overheard and looked at the giant as he spoke. Matt felt eyes on him and grew quiet. He quicky sat down.

“Sheila, I feel I am destined for something more. I’m going to find help.”

“Boy, you are stubborn. Well, I’m coming with you.”

“No. I go alone.”

“So that’s it. I meant nothing to you.”

“Now, don’t take it the wrong way. You asked me to choke you, I choked you. You didn’t ask me to become your companion – ”

“Matt, you don’t know a thing about relationships!”

“Do you? Was there some man in your life before your father and brothers – ”

Matt trailed off before finishing the sentence. Whatever happened to him, he couldn’t imagine that it was worse than what happened to Sheila. He truly felt sorry for her, and he decided that he was not going to lose sight of that. He was going to show her the utmost compassion, somehow.

A chill went up his spine as he made a promise to himself. Sheila wasn’t just going to be another lost soul that he didn’t have time for.

“Come on, Sheila. If you care about us, and this relationship, then I’m not going to abandon you. But we are not staying here.”