Gully Boy (review)

19-02-2019 21:02

It was quite different to read names like MIDIval Punditz, Karsh Kale, Rishi Rich, Spitfire in the credit list of a Bollywood movie. Isn’t a cake walk to gather apt lyrics and melodies from almost a dozen musicians. Shows immense effort put by Zoya Akhtar while planning this musical ‘Gully Boy’.🎶🎧 You see him as one of the producers but don’t worry there isn’t any musical contribution by rock star Bro Farhan.🙉 Inspired by the lives of Divine and Naezy from the latest breed of popular Indian rappers and also as its name suggests Gully Boy is a story of a slumdog kinda fella Murad who shot to fame despite his regular hardships.

Ranveer Singh is certainly the star of the moment given us back to back successes and his graph seems trending with his latest line up as well.👨‍💼⬆️ Although he is been good as Khilji, Simba and this one, hoping to see him back in his killing form as in Bajirao, once again. Somehow I felt the co-stars hogged the limelight from Ranveer this time. I could not keep my eyes off Sidhhant Chaturvedi who plays MC Sher.🦁 I am in love with the character of Sher built with exuberant positivism and selflessness.  Unfortunately, none of our awards consider supporting actors in the best debutant of the year category else this guy is truly worthy. I also want to applaud Reema Kagti and Zoya for writing yet another stellar character of girl next door Safeena, flawlessly portrayed by Alia Bhatt.  For the first time, I noticed glimpses of her big sis Pooja in Alia as Safeena…Reminded me of Dil hain ki Maanta nahin..Bhat obvious! Vijay Maurya’s dialogs make Safeena even more deary. Unusual though perfect casting I should say,  Vijay Raaz and Ranveer quite complement each other as father-son in naak-naksh.👨‍👦 However there could have been a better rather older actress to play Ranveer’s mother Razia. Quite surprised to see Amruta Subhash doing the honours but not at all surprised to see Jyoti Subhash as the dadi. This mother-daughter duo always seem to come on an ek lo ek muft offer. 🙄

As many assumed Gully Boy to be something like Imtiyaz Ali’s coming off age story like the iconic ‘Rockstar’, yes it is to some extent. ‘The Dirty Picture’ which was based on the south siren Silk Smitha’s life or Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion’ where a small town girl’s struggles were depicted to make it big in the fashion industry or even Madhur’s ‘Heroine’. Typically such stories show the rise and fall of an artist with miserable ending however Murad’s story thankfully isn’t dragged to that extent and ends on a happy note right after his first click to fame.🕺🤘😇

Don’t know about its origin and why but hip-hop for me has always been a form emerged from and more popular among the less privileged alleys of the society. However I do not appreciate artistes compromising on its dignity. Especially desi hip-hoppers’ quick ticket to fame has often been through rapping pervert lyrics.🧢🎧🙊 It was nice to see Murad having alike thinking.😇 The rap battles are interesting to watch in the movie. Never witnessed one LIVE but are those really so blatant in real?

Altho a musical the only song remains with you is ‘apna time ayega’. It’ seems to have become the aspirants’ anthem in the country creating similar hysteria like Rockstar’s ‘sadda haqq’.✊

Chalo so all those who thought Zoya Akhtar makes movies only on the lives of rich people, this time she’s chosen to dwell in the lives of people so gareeb almost staying in Dharavi. It’s also to the director’s credit to have extracted good performances, ace cinematography, crisp editing, complementing scores and awesome writing. After Uri, Manikarnika and now Gully Boy seems 2019 really makes good sense.🤞