Sudan Massacre: Social media users react to silence of mainstream media

12-06-2019 17:06

Social media users have reacted to the silence of the mainstream media in regards to the massacre going on in Sudan which has claimed many lives.

Sudan Massacre: Social media users react to silence of mainstream media

According to tweets seen below, both male and females have been raped in the course of the massacre.

One user wrote:

There is currently a blackout in Sudan.

– 500 killed
– 723 injured
– 650 arrested
– 48 women raped
– 6 men raped
– 1000 missing

No western media has reported on the massacre. RT to spread awareness and stop it being suppressed. #SudanMassacre #Sudan #blueprintafric

Another user wrote @gatnolasco:

Just because this isn’t happening to our own country right now doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything about it. Western media is silent about this #SudanMassacre because of the country’s internet blackout. Please, i encourage everyone to spread awareness about this.


There is massacres happening right now in #Sudan that is not getting any news coverage. They are being raped, beaten, and killed then thrown in the Nile River. Since the news and government isn’t doing anything, then we should. spread the word please. #SudanMassacre RETWEET‼️


I’ve heard nothing about this and just did my own independent reading. How is this not front line news? The Sudan government is massacring people and military members are killing and raping children. What the hell. #SudanMassacre


As of right now, in Sudan
500+ are killed
723+ are injured
650+ are arrested
48+ women have been raped
6+ men hve been raped
1000 are missing
This should be trending on every
Where’s Media Now?
If apocalypse was real, it could not be worse than this!

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