Three Major Upsets in the NCAA Tournament

15-03-2019 15:03


North Carolinapic

North Carolina

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in operations research – engineering management systems from Columbia University, Sudeep Moniz is a financial services professional with nearly a decade of experience. An avid sports fan, Sudeep Moniz enjoys watching college basketball in his free time.

Last year, the University of Maryland in Baltimore County became the first-ever No. 16 seed to defeat a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament when the team beat the University of Virginia 74-54. Below are three other major upsets in NCAA Tournament history:

1. Hampton (No. 15) vs. Iowa State (No. 2) – In 2001, Hampton became the first No. 15 seed to score a victory over a No. 2 seed in four years, as it registered a 58-57 victory over the Iowa State Cyclones. The game was also notable for being Hampton’s first appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

2. Middle Tennessee (No. 15) vs. Michigan State (No. 2) – Despite winning the Big Ten tournament and being a favorite to win the NCAA Tournament in 2016, Michigan State suffered a shocking 90-81 defeat against Middle Tennessee.

3. George Mason (No. 11) vs. Connecticut (No. 1) – After scoring upset wins over Michigan State (No. 6), North Carolina (No. 3), and Wichita State (No. 7) in the first three rounds of the 2006 tournament, George Mason became the first small conference school to reach the Final Four since 1979 when it defeated top-ranked Connecticut in the Elite Eight.